The only operating system built exclusively for automotive mobile service

Revolutionize your business with the first platform to manage your entire mobile automotive service operation from one solution. Ditch outdated technology and centralize your business systems into powerful software that delivers elevated, digital customer experiences, reduces admin work and drives revenue growth. Managing mobile service has never been easier.


Everything you need, all in one solution

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Modernize customer experiences

Excite your customers with streamlined reporting, online work authorizations and a fully-integrated messaging system.

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Maximize bookings

Get more bookings with a 24/7 online customer self-scheduler that automatically clusters appointments geographically, based on your custom rules.

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Improve technician performance

Support technicians with a fully-integrated mobile app that offers intuitive scheduling, service and customer communication tools.

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Simplify operations

Unify your business with a fully-integrated point-of-sale CRM system, shop management solution, and technician app.

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Expert Tools

Expert tools tailored to your business

Solve the pain of manually booking appointments, optimizing routes and sending real-time updates with Zippity. Our solution ensures business managers and operators are free of busywork, and on-site technicians work more and drive less so the entire team can prioritize delivering trasparent service and expanding profitability, with minimum effort.

Deliver unrivaled customer experiences

Provide the service your customers expect, from before your technicians arrive to long after service is completed. With Zippity, you will digitally transform every customer touch point - with less effort. Enable customer online bookings with powerful tools like license-plate look-up, payment processing, and geographic aggregation. Deliver amazing day-of experiences with integrated texting, auto-generated service reports, and instantaneous online work authorizations. Increase customer satisfaction while driving positive reviews and referrals.

Unrivaled customer experiences

Unlock your company’s growth potential

Maximize your mobile service capabilities by reaching more customers and generating more revenue per booking and per day. Set business rules that optimize appointment coordination by geographic area and drive times. As you gain extra bookings, your on-site technicians remain fully supported with a mobile app that offers everything from a multipoint inspection tool to service recommendation templates. Show off your five-star service by automating customer review requests.

Raise the standard of mobile service care by leveraging Zippity, an operating system that has delivered 20,000+ successful customer services.


Make mobile service easy

Contact our team to learn more about how our mobile automotive service software enables you to effortlessly expand your mobile business. Choose Zippity today to drive your business to new heights.

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