Mobile detail car cleaning: 4 ways to boost your revenue

Mobile detail car cleaning software can help you engage more customers and run your entire business from your phone. Here’s how:

The mobile detailing car cleaning industry is competitive. As one of many pros in your area, it can be overwhelming to stay on top of everything, from bringing in new customers, to growing your revenue. Bigger businesses have the tools and software they need to manage their hectic calendars and engage customers from booking to payment. You could adapt this software to your day-to-day, but most solutions are more trouble than they’re worth and require even more admin work on your end. 

This traditional software wasn’t built for busy pros like you. You’re constantly driving across town from appointment to appointment, manually factoring in drive times, and chasing down customers for payment after every service. The bottom line is, using software like this won’t help you grow your business, it can actually slow you down. 

To boost your revenue and grow your business, you need software that gives you the most modern customer experience tools in the industry- all while being super easy to use. But how do you know what software is best for your business? We’ll walk you through what to look for in software so you can spend less time on heavy admin work and more time delivering awesome service in the field. 

The right mobile detail software lets you generate value in minutes

It’s important to look for software that keeps the busy Pro like you in mind and doesn’t require you to hire a back-office assistant to make it work. Software that’s like having a digital assistant in your pocket and lets you run your entire business from your phone, from scheduling to customer communication, to payments and reporting. Here are a few features to keep in mind before you decide. 

1) Convenient scheduling 

Today, nobody wants to be left waiting on hold to book an appointment. But at the same time, letting customers book their own appointments online can be a hassle on your end and create calendar chaos. That’s why you need online customer self-scheduled bookings that are automatically managed to ensure the pro has sufficient time to drive to each appointment.

This means that when a customer books their own appointment, the calendar only pulls up slots that make sure you have enough time to drive between each one. You also don’t want to wait until you get back to the office to take appointments over the phone. Instead, you should also look for a system that automatically organizes your schedule by location so you don’t have to manually factor it in yourself. 

Driving back and forth across town from each appointment sucks up time and means you can’t serve as many customers in a day. That’s why scheduling is the most important part of boosting your revenue, so you can pack in more daily appointments and worry less about drive times. 

2) Easy customer communication

To keep customers coming back in the future, you’ll want to give them a professional and transparent service experience from end to end. You’ll also want to find a way to make upsells transparent and easy. But communicating with customers can be exhausting and hard to keep track of and customers don’t always trust upsell recommendations. 

That’s why your mobile detailing car cleaning software should let you organize your customer communication with automated texts and emails at every key step of the service process. This means you’ll be covering your tracks with transparent photo updates so the customer is included throughout the entire process. 

This also means your upselling requests will have less friction because the customer will get a photo and notes to explain the additional service. The customer should be able to directly approve the upsell from their phone, so you can get more upsell responses and increased same-day revenue. 

4) Online payment

Let’s face it- chasing customers down for payment after each service is a time-consuming chore. And when you send each customer upsell recommendations, you don’t always have their card on file to get paid for additional service. 

That’s why you should always take payment upfront to avoid wasting time collecting each customer’s information after each service. Software that integrates with your favorite payment system, like Square, makes this super easy. Once you get a customer’s information upfront, it will also make upsells really easy. Once a customer approves additional service you can automatically charge their card, complete the job, and head to your next appointment. 

You can also provide upsell recommendations once a customer books their appointment online. This means the customer can proactively approve upsells from the comfort of their own home in a pressure-free environment and let you drive more same-day revenue. 

Invest in mobile detail car cleaning software made for your fast-paced business

Today, customers expect convenient, door-to-door service they can book online without hassle. At the same time, they want full visibility into their services with transparent communication. A reliable auto detail car cleaning software won’t only meet the modern customer’s expectations but help you reduce the heavy admin work you take on as a busy Pro. 

Zippity gives you the modern tools you need to engage with customers at every step of service, so you can run your entire business from your phone. And compete with bigger businesses in your area. Get a demo today to learn more.

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