How to secure more customers with auto detailing business software

To secure more customers, you need the right auto detailing business software. Throughout this blog, we’ll show you why.

As the owner of an auto detailing business, sometimes it can feel impossible to stay on top of everything, not to mention amaze your customers or grow your business. Hiring a back office assistant can be risky, time-consuming, and expensive. And traditional field service software has been built for big companies and is more trouble than it’s worth.

Plus, with a steady growth of competitors popping up in your area coupled with a wider option of detailing tools and technologies, the thought of getting more customers can keep you up at night. 

The growth of the auto detailing industry doesn’t show signs of slowing down any time soon. If your business fails to offer convenience for both your customers and employees, you might fall behind.

At the end of the day, it’s actually pretty simple. To secure and retain more customers, you’ll need to meet them halfway with the right auto detailing software. However, not every option is created equal. That’s why we’ll help you break down what you should look for in an auto detailing business software that stands out from the rest and will help your business come out on top. 

The right auto detailing business software puts your customers at the center 

Modern customers are much pickier than they were in the past. Instead of going with any mobile detailing business, they want a business they can trust to give them full visibility into their services, coupled with convenience. 

Look for auto detailing software that checks off each category below to ensure your mobile service will attract and retain more customers. 

Detailing software should allow customers to self-service 


Just about any auto detailing software can claim to be the best. However, many auto detailer software out there has been built for big companies, and are actually more trouble to set up and operate than it’s worth for you. 

Self-scheduling is a no-brainer for any auto detailer software because it gives customers the flexibility to schedule, alter or cancel an appointment when necessary. Think about it, customers today don’t want to call into your business just to be left waiting on hold or playing phone tag. 

Plus, you don’t want to be glued to your phone or inbox to keep track of every customer booking request. But self-scheduling isn’t enough to stand on its own and run a business. 

Car detailing software should ideally let your customers schedule their appointments near existing bookings to help you minimize your drive times. This means that all of your bookings should be optimized geographically so you can ensure you have enough time to drive between each appointment. We’ll walk you through what this looks like down below. 

Automatic payment

Traditional auto detailing software typically lacks a secure and easy payment process for your customers. Today, many of your customers probably work from home, but are actually busier than ever. That’s why traditional payment processes don’t make the cut anymore. Customers need a mobile-friendly, upfront payment option that lets them pay for a service with just a few taps on their smart device. 

That’s why you should consider a platform that highlights and encourages online payment and digital upsell approval. This will let customers approve services and pay your technicians without leaving their home office.

Meanwhile, your team gets to collect payment information upfront before the appointment even starts so you never have to chase a customer for payment again.

Self-scheduling and an automated payment process are great to have for the customer engagement side. But, if they don’t factor in your business growth, you’ll be unable to deliver the excellent services your customers expect. 

Gain full control of your schedule 

At the end of the day, the software can give your customers modern tools to make it easy on their end, but if you can’t grow your business or even have the chance to compete with big businesses, what’s the point?

You don’t want to under-whelm your customers, but at the same time, you need to ensure your auto detailing software sets your business up for long-term success. You should be able to book appointments 24/7, without the need to be glued to your phone in case of a missed call. 

The software you choose should be built specifically for owner/operators. A software that’s like having a digital assistant in your pocket. That allows you to run your entire business from your phone and handles all of the back-end pieces of your business from bookings to customer communication, to payments and reporting, just the way you want.

An auto detailing software should have the following integrated scheduling features to help you bring in more revenue:

  1. The scheduler optimizes bookings geographically based on your existing appointments.
  2. The scheduler allows you to maintain control by letting your customers book based on geographic rules you set so your techs can drive less and do more.
  3. The scheduler also allows you to quickly book appointments over the phone while viewing your calendar 

At the end of the day, auto detailing software should allow you to reduce admin work and book more appointments without the need to sit at a computer all day. As a  result, you’ll be able to save time and maximize your daily appointments, all from the palm of your hand. 

Auto detailing software empowers technicians 

With traditional car detailing software, customers often find themselves with little idea of when a technician will arrive. Not only that, they don’t have visibility into the progress of their service.

Last-minute scheduling changes, admin errors, and long routes mean technicians don’t have time to create polished customer-facing service reports. This means customers don’t have the visibility they need to review and approve unclear service details. Worse, your technicians might spend extra time waiting for payment as online payment is rarely available on software built for industry giants. 

The right auto detailing software should give your technicians everything they need to manage their daily schedules all within a mobile app so they can assist customers while on the go. The software should also include:

  • Professional service reports: With Integrated photography and videos, so your technicians can increase transparency and trust with customers
  • Communication tools: The software should let you automatically update customers of your arrival and service progress while letting you share photos and videos with customers and admins, all on one thread.
  • Service reporting and quoting templates: That lets customers approve additional work instantly online, so you can quickly get approved and back to work.

With all of these features, your technicians can create better customer engagement to improve your retention, boost revenue, and generate more positive reviews. 

Find a fully integrated, all-in-one auto detailing business software

Customers today don’t have time or energy to sit through traditional and inefficient services. They expect the same convenience they get through a meal delivery service and they’re becoming more impatient and tech-savvy. 

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