Zippity Cancellation and No Show Fees Designed Specifically for Quick Service Mobile Pros

Time is money. Maintain your bookings and reduce the number of last-minute cancellations and no-shows with Zippity.

As quick service mobile pros, your revenue relies on keeping your calendar booked and busy. A customer canceling on short notice can mess up your whole day. Cancellations leave you in a lurch and often unable to fill the empty spot, resulting in money lost. Say goodbye to annoying last-minute cancellations and money down the drain by having a comprehensive cancellation policy in place.

Dive into Zippity’s cancellation and no-show fees feature details and learn how you can start saving revenue and keep your no-shows to a minimum.

Customizable Cancellation Rules to Match Your Business Needs

Zippity knows that one size does not fit all for cancellation policies and no-show fees. With Zippity’s highly customizable policies, you can decide when to charge a cancellation or no-show fee and how much you want to charge. 

Focused on making it easier to manage your business in the field, Zippity’s made it easy to set up your policy - once activated, customers who cancel within your set parameters are automatically charged. Set customer expectations for communicating schedule changes and stop the need to chase down no-shows.



Powerful Customer Cancellation Management

Today's customers don't want to pick up the phone or wait on hold. When scheduling convenient mobile quick service appointments, they want an equally convenient booking and scheduling process. And that includes convenient cancellation management. That’s why Zippity has included multiple options to easily manage cancellation policies and fees. 

Give your customers the ability to cancel their appointment in the Zippity app. Based on your policy settings, they will automatically be charged the allotted fee if they fall within your cancellation policy window. 



Have a customer cancel by phone? No problem. If a customer contacts you outside the app to cancel their appointment, you can cancel on their behalf from the Admin Portal or in the Mobile App. 

We all make mistakes - after all, we’re all human. As an admin, you have the power to waive customer cancellation fees at your discretion. Although not a requirement, knowing that this option is available if necessary is reassuring.  



Increase Customer Commitment Levels with Five-Star Customer Experience

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to create a positive experience. Zippity’s cancellation policy features help you deliver the best customer experience even when customers have to cancel an appointment. Beyond making it simple to set up and manage your cancellation policy, Zippity includes powerful features to automate reminders, personalize interactions, and send professional confirmations. 

⭐ Upfront Cancellation Fee Reminders

Zippity helps you set customer expectations and increase commitment with upfront cancellation fee notices. Avoid surprises with cancellation policy details and charge amounts displayed during online booking. Clear communication during bookings makes customers feel well informed throughout the booking process. 

⭐ Personalized Customer Cancellation Note

After an appointment is canceled, Zippity gives you the option to leave a note to your customer, reminding them of the cancellation reason. Providing a professional yet personal interaction will make the customer feel informed and welcome to schedule future appointments when the time is right.

⭐ Automated SMS and Email Cancellation Confirmations

Even when canceling an appointment, Zippity automates professional customer communications for you. Customers will receive an SMS and email confirmation when their appointment cancellation has been processed. This extra layer of communication is vital in making the customer feel well-informed of appointment details throughout every step of their customer journey. 

Zippity was built specifically with home and field service pros who perform quick, same-day services in mind. Designed to easily run your entire business from your phone, Zippity handles all of the back-end pieces of your business, just the way you want. Learn more about Zippity’s powerful scheduling, communication, and payment features. See Zippity in action on our free demo site today.

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