What is a mobile car detailing appointment app?

With the right car detailing appointment app, you can keep up with bigger businesses and get in control of your business. We’ll walk you through how.

More car detailing businesses than ever are taking their services mobile to meet modern customer expectations. Customers today expect on-demand, door-to-door service that doesn’t require them to leave the comfort of their own homes. 

This means the competition to stand out from detailing bigger businesses is at an all-time high.

But, with the right car detailing appointment app, you can keep up with bigger businesses in your area and empower your team to organize your schedule, service more customers and get in control of your business. We’ll walk you through how. 

What is a mobile car detailing appointment app?

A mobile car detailing appointment app can help you schedule appointments and book more services in one day. And with the right car detailing appointment app, you never have to go back to the office to manually schedule bookings. You have the flexibility to run your entire business, right from your smartphone. 

But not all mobile car detailing appointment apps are created equal, especially for smaller businesses run by owner/operators like you. 

Some require you to have an admin assistant or a back-office team to manage your day-to-day schedule. This means customers are stuck waiting on a middle-man just to schedule a simple service, and you're left putting another employee on your payroll that doesn’t generate the value your business needs.

The right detailing app should allow you to streamline your appointment process, give your customers the modern self-service tools they expect, and take time off your plate so you can focus less on admin details and more on growing your business. 

Streamline your booking process 

The booking process is one of the most important parts of the mobile service experience. Today, you need to give your customers the self-service tools they expect if you’re going to compete with the bigger businesses in your area.

This means giving them the flexibility to book their own appointments. With the rise of on-demand services since the height of COVID-19, more customers expect less hassle and the convenience of scheduling an appointment with a few clicks. 

On the other hand, your car detailing app should give you the control you need to streamline your booking process and grow your business.

That’s why your detailing appointment app should have the following: 

  • Self-scheduling that lets customers book their own appointments and organizes your appointments by location in the background. This means that all of your appointments are automatically grouped close together so you don’t have to keep driving back and forth across town. 
  • An in-app booking system that lets you take phone appointments from the field. This means the system automatically pulls up appointment slots based on your drive times and schedule, so you never have to worry about manually calculating how long it will take you to get from one appointment to another. 

Service updates and upselling 

For your customers, nothing’s worse than getting an invoice and seeing an unexpected service cost tacked onto their bill. 

It can also be painfully annoying for you to wait around for an upsell approval. This forces you to waste time when you could be completing a service and moving on to your next appointment. 

That’s why your car detailing appointment app should have an integrated service updates and upselling approval tool. This takes away the pain of wasting time and lets your customers quickly approve upsells with the transparency they expect. 

You’ll need: 

  • Photo and video updates for customers to see the progress of their service, while you get the protection you need with photo-documented service records that show pre-service conditions and post-service results.
  • Professional service update templates that you can fill out in minutes that impress customers with your progress and transparency.
  • Service-day upsell quotes with integrated photography and notes that help you drive more same-day revenue. 
  • An online approval tool that lets customers approve additional work online, while you get notified instantly.

Online payment

Have you ever been left waiting around for payment after a service? What about having an awkward conversation with a customer for their credit card details if they forget to pay for their appointment?

Your car detailing appointment app should let you take payments easier. This means asking for card information once a customer books their appointment online, so you never have to chase them for payments again.  

Getting your customer’s credit card information upfront also goes hand-in-hand with service updates and upselling. Once you have all of their information, you won’t have to deal with the hassle of asking them for their credit card details again. The system will automatically update the invoice, charge the appropriate amount at the time of service, and automatically send the customer the updated receipt.

Your car detailing appointment app should be built for mobile detailers

At the end of the day, the car detailing appointment app you choose should give you back more time in the day to grow and compete with bigger businesses.

You can’t be left relying on a team of admin assistants. And modern customers just don’t have the patience to be left waiting around just to book a simple service. That’s why you need software that empowers you and technicians to organize your schedule and service more customers.

In the long run, this means you’ll have everything you need to manage your business, while increasing revenue, retaining more customers, and generating great reviews. 

Zippity gives you everything you need to simplify your complex onsite service business. Book a demo with us down below so you can start building your dream onsite service business, your way.

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