Why customer engagement matters for car detailing software

Learn why customer engagement is an important factor to consider in any car detailing software.

Setting the stage: Outdated car detailing software leads to dissatisfied customers 

Traditional car detailing companies have always built their businesses around a "command and control" model. This means that as the owner, every important action and decision in terms of scheduling, customer communication, and daily routes has to go through you. At the same time,  technicians and back-office employees are bottlenecked until you provide direction. As a result, everything trickles from the top down. Employees follow your instructions and wait for your go-ahead throughout the day and don’t have all the information they need to quickly perform their services.  

This means that as the owner of a car detailing business, you might find yourself working on time-consuming admin tasks, such as taking phone appointments, and approving and confirming online appointment requests. You’re also the middleman in all communications between the client and the technician, handling invoices, and receiving payment. While the majority of your industry has always operated this way, it might be time to rethink this process and start focusing on how you can engage your customers at every stage of their journey. 

At the end of the day, the “command and control” method leads to less engaged customers, along with complicated manual back-office work. The more you empower both your customers and technicians with a transparent,self-service process, you can raise your bottom line, maximize your calendar, and make scalable services a reality. 

Embracing car detailing software

As technology continues to change, so do customer demands and expectations. In fact, nearly 91% of consumers today prefer a self-service experience, with little to no human interaction.   As a result, in order to stay competitive and retain your customers, it’s important to factor in changing consumer behaviors to increase revenue and receive more positive reviews. 

Providing your customers with an intuitive, interactive, and engaging experience will give them the flexibility they expect throughout their buyer’s journey. Car detailing businesses that generate positive, easy, and satisfying customer engagement encourage more customers to leave positive feedback on your favorite review sites to help you establish your business and bring in confident prospects.

For your business, this means opening communication between customers and technicians at every stage of scheduling, service, and billing. When these moving parts don't line up, a non-transparent customer engagement can completely overshadow even the best service. This might lead to churning customers, lost revenue, poor reviews, and spending even more time tied to your back office. 

The Amazon Effect

It’s no secret that Amazon completely changed the e-commerce industry and customer expectations as a result of fast shipping, and an easy self- checkout experience. Ever since, consumers expect 24/7 availability, short delivery times, and rapid service. Because of Amazon’s success, customers today expect the same instant service throughout every industry and when those needs aren’t met, they’ll seek other options elsewhere. 

This means that in order to stay competitive, your car detailing business needs to adapt to these new standards, and quickly. 

4 ways you can optimize your detailing service customer engagement

Maximize bookings with online scheduling

Your detailing business has to support a more modern "direct service" model, where customers can book their own appointments instantly, while you stay in control of your schedule. 

A sophisticated online self-scheduling tool is the perfect solution to not only allow customers to schedule their appointments whenever they want but provide more efficiency for your business.

The right self-scheduling tool allows you to set rules in place that optimize your appointments geographically. This is a win-win for your customers, technicians, and operations as a whole. It provides 24/7 availability so your customers can schedule, adjust or cancel their appointments, while your technicians are able to complete more services each day because their drive times are reduced. 

The right scheduling tool allows you to maintain schedule control by only letting customers select appointments that work for your business. At the end of the day, this means you can spend less time glued to your phone to schedule their services at the right time, without all of the heavy lifting. 

Unlimited texting 

As mobile detailing businesses adapt to modern customer demands, many of these platforms still fall flat. They either offer a complicated communication system that places limits on how many texts can be sent or requires you to stay glued to your phone in case of a missed appointment opportunity, even when you’re out in the field. 

The best way to guarantee better onsite customer engagement is to deploy unlimited texting between the customer, technician, dispatcher, and business owner. This ensures everyone is available to troubleshoot an issue, approve upsell requests and send service reports at the end of the appointment. Best of all, nothing gets lost in translation. You, your technicians, and your customers are all on the same page.

You can also improve your customer experience by equipping your technicians with templated messages to ensure they are representing your businesses in the best way. This also means they don’t have to waste time updating customers and can focus more time delivering exceptional service. 

With unlimited texting, your customers can get the direct responses they expect, while your team provides more transparency and efficiency. This means everyone on your team can stay accountable for their performance and you can have full confidence that your company is being represented well in the field. 

Live GPS tracking 

Chances are, your customers are used to tracking the status of their orders on Amazon, or even their meal service deliveries. Your detailing business should offer this same transparency.

Live GPS tracking is one way you can automatically update your customers on technician arrival times. 

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, more consumers are working from home than ever. They don’t have time to constantly call your business to ensure somebody from your team will be at their house on time. Live GPS tracking allows them to stay in the loop when you arrive. This way, they don’t have to wait around and can go about their day without wasting time. At the same time, you can keep a pulse on your technician’s whereabouts to make sure your daily schedule is on track. 

Meanwhile, your technicians receive turn-by-turn directions to their appointment locations. This reduces the need to manually look up and input their appointments into a GPS app on their phone or call the next customer in case they are running late. You also receive visibility into your team’s performance and can check their locations throughout the day to make sure they’re on schedule. 

The result is a frictionless and transparent experience for all parties that reduce manual work, improves customer interactions, and allows you to deliver better service. 

Delight and retain more customers with the right car detailing software 

Today, many mobile detailing businesses still fail to deliver a professional, digital experience to their customers. Clients struggle with tedious scheduling methods, like submitting an appointment request via email or playing phone tag with a scheduler. Even once the appointment is booked, the entire service lacks transparency and communication, leaving both customers and technicians in the dark. 

You need to adopt a solution that delights customers every step of the way, without requiring you to have a back-office. With the right mobile detailing business software, you’ll give customers the convenience and transparency they expect with the power to self-schedule, pay online, and receive updates at every stage of their appointment. 

Take a look at our technician app demo video to learn how Zippity helps you engage with your customers throughout every step of the onsite service experience. The demo video will walk you through Zippity’s 6 primary areas: 

  • Customer self-scheduling
  • Invoicing and payments 
  • A customer and technician chat platform
  • Digital upselling
  • GPS tracking
  • Review generation 

Zippity was built exclusively to eliminate the pain of on-the-go customer interactions, complicated scheduling, and unpredictable onsite service processes to establish your business, delight customers, and bring in more revenue. 

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