Mobile dog grooming software

What is dog grooming booking software?

We’ll walk you through how the right dog grooming booking software can help you grow your business and get you more five-star reviews (and tail wags).

As a mobile dog groomer, you’re taking a formerly salon-only service, making it more convenient for customers, and providing a better experience to your canine clients. More dog groomers are taking their services mobile. To stand out from your competition you need the best customer service - from first contact to mid-appointment and beyond.

What is dog grooming booking software?

Dog grooming appointment software tackles manual scheduling and customer management and handles all of it in easy-to-use mobile software. Designed to match the flexibility of your mobile dog grooming business, the software helps you schedule appointments and book more services on the same day- all from your smartphone. 

Dog grooming appointment software comes in many shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, most software is built for larger companies, which need extra people to manage. This means the service is slower, as customers are stuck waiting in online queues to complete simple steps like changing appointments or scheduling a grooming appointment. Slow dog grooming appointment software harms your customer experience.

As an owner-operator of your small business, you need dog grooming appointment software that doesn’t require extra hands to manage. The right mobile dog grooming app should make your appointment process simple and modern, giving you more time in your day to focus on your services, not your back-end business administration. Here are three must-have features found in dog grooming appointment software to help your business.

1. Modernize your mobile dog grooming appointment booking process and calendar

Your booking process and calendar are the most important part of your mobile dog grooming experience. Customers expect self-service booking tools that allow them to schedule appointments around their busy lives. However, your booking process should still leave you in control and help you steadily grow your business. 

To deliver a modern customer experience, you need: 

  • Service Transparency: It’s important for your customers to see what you offer so there are no surprises. Let customers select their own services from the comfort of their own home, all knowing exactly what the appointment will cost.
  • Smart customer self-scheduling: Give your customers flexibility with a simple self-scheduling front end, while making route planning hassle-free with a powerful back end that groups appointments by location. This means that if Fido, Sparky, and Bruiser all live close to each other, all their appointments will be grouped together. Instead of driving back and forth across town to appointments, you get to save time and gas money. 
  • Easy in-app booking tool: Your booking software should be as mobile as your dog grooming service. The system should offer appointment slots based on your existing schedule and drive times. With this software, you avoid wasting time calculating how long it’ll take you to get to each appointment.

2. Make service updates and easily upsell

No pet owner enjoys getting a dog grooming bill with hidden fees or having unexpected costs added to their bill without notice. On the other hand, waiting for customers to approve upsells can be painfully annoying. As a mobile dog groomer, you need software that provides built-in service updates and comes with an easy upselling approval tool. 

You get to save time waiting on upsells, and customers will appreciate the transparency of your service. 

Keep your customers updated and get additional services approved with a dog grooming appointment software that includes:

  • Professional service templates: Send reminders, and appointment updates during their service, and respond to customer questions quickly with impressive service templates that update them on your progress each step of the way. 
  • Photo and video updates: Delight customers with photo and video updates to show service progress while also obtaining pre and post-service records of the service to their pet. 
  • Same-day service upsell quotes: Send helpful upsell quotes with photos during appointments and let customers approve add-ons in minutes to boost revenue. 
  • Instant customer approval: Allow customers to approve additional work and upsells online and receive instant notifications once they’ve done so. 


Dog grooming booking software


3. Save time chasing payments and communicating with customers

Waiting around for payment after a service is never fun. It’s awkward, wastes time, and contributes to a negative experience. It’s even worse when customers forget to pay you altogether and you need to chase them down. 

Customer communication can easily get out of hand when it’s not consistent. You need software with message automation capabilities to make communication with customers more streamlined. 

Your mobile dog grooming appointment software should make it easy to connect with your customers and get paid. 

  • Payment details upfront: Choose software that gets payment info upfront, and a bonus if it’s with Square integration for easy online payment handling. 
  • Payment information saving: Keep customer payment information on file for simple repeat customer invoicing. 
  • Customer account management: Manage and update customer details while on the go, and make real-time account updates while in the field. 
  • Automated email and texts: Automated emails and text messages save time with professional communication. 
  • Built-in review requests: Get more five-star reviews from customers to build your credibility and promote your business online.

Get the Booking Software Built for Mobile Dog Groomers

The booking software you choose should organize your schedule and free up time to grow your business and service more customers. Zippity’s all-in-one mobile service app was built by mobile service pros to help you manage your mobile dog grooming business from your phone. 

Created with owner-operators in mind, Zippity is the appointment software you need to run the mobile dog grooming business of your dreams. 

With Zippity’s mobile service app, you can provide fast, reliable, and convenient services to your customers at any location. 

Learn more on how you can simplify your mobile operations with a single app today.


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