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Top eight customer benefits from mobile dog grooming online booking

Eight reasons why your customers need mobile dog grooming online booking.

When it comes to canine companions and their grooming appointments, customers expect mobile dog grooming services to be hassle-free. As a mobile pro on the go, you rely on dog grooming tools and supplies in the field to deliver consistently great service – this should include your online booking app. 

To deliver modern, reliable mobile dog grooming services, your online booking tool should make your job easier by including:

  • Professional messaging templates
  • Smart scheduling that groups appointments by location
  • Transparent service reports and easy approval for add-ons 
  • Upfront, built-in payments 
  • Automated review generation 

We’ve compiled the top eight mobile dog grooming online booking customer satisfaction must-haves to help mobile pros manage business better. 

Mobile Dog Grooming Online Booking Customer Satisfaction Must-Haves  

1. Easy customer self-scheduling

As a mobile dog groomer service provider, customers expect easy mobile online booking. Pet owners have busy schedules, and limited booking options could have them going to the competition. With a mobile dog grooming online tool, you can offer more booking options to customers because your appointments are automatically grouped by location. 

With dog grooming bookings automatically grouped by location, you reduce unnecessary drive times and get more time back in your day to put towards growing your business. 

Zippity makes it easy for you to set geographic scheduling guardrails to eliminate calendar chaos. As a bonus, Zippity calculates drive times to give you buffers between appointments, letting you concentrate on grooming Fido instead of worrying about travel time. 

2. Professional, direct communication

Customers don’t want to communicate with an unprofessional dog groomer. Touching base with each customer can be exhausting - but they shouldn’t sense that. Busy customers shouldn’t have to chase after you to get updates on your arrival time or wait hours to get a response to a simple question. 

A mobile dog grooming online booking tool should give you a hassle-free way to communicate with customers. 

Zippity helps busy owner-operators save time with professional, automated text messages and emails. Instead of being tied to your phone or computer, automatically deliver invoices with real-time appointment information. Zippity’s platform works as a virtual back-office staff with unlimited, two-way text messaging to keep customers in the loop. 

Enhance your customer messages with photos and videos and showcase service offerings. 

3. Appointment updates with photos and videos

Pet owners love their fur babies, and they worry about them when they’re in the care of another person. But it can be a hassle to look for each customer's contact info and send them updates. 

As a busy owner-operator, keeping track of separate chats and messaging platforms can make it hard to build trust with customers. The right booking tool will make it easy to send appointment updates that delight and inform.

Sending timely photo and video updates can put your customers' minds at ease during the grooming service. Zippity helps you build a good relationship with owners with automatic appointment updates, including photo and video sharing. This way, they can have a cute, tail-wagging video of their four-legged friend to assure them that their pet is in good hands.

4. Instant approval for recommended service add-ons 

Customers hate getting upsells that seem pushy or unnecessary. They don’t want unexpected fees at the end of their service for vague reasons. You don’t have time to wait around for customers to approve simple upsells. 

You need a mobile dog grooming online booking tool that builds customer trust with your professional recommendations and gives customers the power to give instant approval for service add-ons.

Zippity helps mobile dog groomers present customers with upfront pricing and transparent upsells. Professional service update templates make it easy for customers to instantly approve and understand same-day upsells. 

Customers can approve service add-ons online, and you get instant notification alerts that keep the service moving smoothly. Delight customers further with photo-documented service records that show pre-service conditions and post-service results. 

5. Secure, up-front payment and detailed invoices 

The mobile dog grooming online booking tool you use should allow customers to make secure payments. You don’t want to waste time chasing them down for payments, and they don’t want to make payments with a system that isn’t secure. They shouldn’t guess how much each session will cost with vague invoices that change with each visit. 

Streamline getting paid with a mobile dog grooming booking tool that makes it simple for your customers to pay you.

Zippity’s mobile online booking tool makes it possible to get paid with Square integration for online payments. Securely capture credit card info during bookings, so you never have to chase customers down for payment after each dog grooming session. 

With Zippity, you can make real-time grooming service updates a breeze. Updates to invoices are automatic and your customers are charged the right amount at the time of service.

6. Simple payment saving 

Customers hate having to input the same information multiple times. Taking down a customer’s payment information for each grooming session slows you down and steals valuable time out of your day. 

Simple, safe payment detail savings speeds up the payment process every time.

Zippity lets you securely save payment details and reduces wait time for customers and dog groomers. You save time in your busy schedule and offer a modern customer experience that supports repeat business.

7. Personal account access

Mobile dog grooming businesses often struggle to find a good place to keep their customers information. Without a customer portal, customers feel disconnected and struggle to get answers to their questions. Managing customer information manually is time-consuming and increases the chances of error. Owners waste time updating any changes to their appointments and customer information.

Customers expect modern mobile dog grooming services to include ways for them to update their account information without needing help.

Zippity offers mobile dog grooming customer online account management. Let your customers manage their personal details including updating their information, payment details, and upcoming appointments without needing to call, email, or text you. Access to their information can give them the answers they need quickly, including appointment history, freeing you up to focus on your dog grooming appointments. 

8. Direct feedback with automated reviews

Your customers want to use businesses they trust. A business without five-star reviews — or any reviews at all —  won’t make them feel confident about leaving their furry friends with you. 

A lack of reviews hurts your credibility and can put you behind the competition. Even if you get reviews, you may not remember to ask for them after every grooming appointment. To combat this, find a mobile service management platform that makes it easy to generate positive customer reviews. 

Build a positive business profile with the help of Zippity. With Zippity, even the busiest owner-operators can automatically send review request text messages to create a library of positive online reviews. Configure these requests with your favorite online review platforms and ask customers to share their experiences to attract more business. 

Get the Appointment Software Built for Mobile Dog Groomers

The right mobile dog grooming online booking software should make your customers' lives easier. Making appointments, getting service updates, and making instant approvals to add-ons will deliver the modern service experience they deserve. 

Built by owner-operators, Zippity is the appointment software for the modern mobile dog grooming service pro. Zippity’s mobile service app can help you: 

  • Book more appointments in your day by turning ten hours of admin work into one
  • Reduce drive times by an average of 30% per service vehicle 
  • Stand out from your competitors - increase positive customer reviews by up to 3x
  • Get 35% more revenue every appointment with online upselling 

Discover how your mobile dog grooming business can benefit from Zippity’s all-in-one mobile service platform. 

Find out how to schedule mobile services & increase your business’s efficiency with Zippity - Download Now

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