How to improve dog grooming time management

We’ve come up with a few helpful tips on how to improve dog grooming time management so you can wow customers with an amazing experience.

As the owner of a mobile dog grooming business, you know how hard delivering great service and managing your time can be. You’re constantly torn between handling appointment requests, communicating with owners, collecting payments, and running your business. 

Creating a great experience owners can trust and depend on is important. But staying on top of everything else, especially the unpredictable moments that come with handling pets, requires a ton of patience. That’s why we’ve come up with a few helpful tips to help you manage your time better, so you can handle more customers in one day, and wow them with exceptional service. 

Dog grooming time management- 6 helpful tips 

To be more efficient in your day-to-day job as a busy business owner, here are some helpful time-saving tricks. These tips will help you boost your productivity, book more appointments in a day, and stand out from the big businesses in your area, you can afford to pay the office staff to handle the back-end of their business.

            1. Invest in a mobile dog grooming business software

Hiring a back office assistant can be risky, time-consuming, and expensive. And traditional mobile dog grooming software has been built for big companies and is often more trouble than it’s worth. That’s because it’s usually built for back-office employees, not busy groomers like you juggling multiple appointments in a day. As a result, this software can be a pain to use since it requires too much heavy admin work on your end.

That’s why you should invest in dog grooming business software that was built specifically with your busy schedule in mind. From scheduling to customer communication, to payments and reporting, you need software that handles all of the back-end pieces of your business, just the way you want. Ideally, the software should have: 

          • A scheduling system that lets you book appointments near existing ones to minimize your drive time and schedule more appointments in a day
          • Easy communication tools that let you automatically keep customers in the loop about your arrival time and service progress. It should also let you share photos and videos of the owner’s furry friends to build transparency and trust.
          • Service reporting and quoting templates that are super easy to fill out and send to customers so they can approve additional work instantly, so you can get back to work and aren’t left waiting around.
          • A payment system that integrates with your favorite payment tools like square and allows you to collect payment information upfront, so you never have to chase owners for payment again. 

              2. Know your grooming tools 

This may sound like common knowledge, but remembering each tool's job and how to use it can sometimes be tricky, especially if you're still new to the business. Besides helping manage your dog grooming timelines, using the right grooming tools help make your work much easier and more efficient. 

         Some must-have dog grooming tools include:

            1. Nail grinders
            2. Dog clippers and blades
            3. Dog combs
            4. Deshedding tool
            5. Set of brushes
            6. Dog grooming table
            7. Forced-air station
            8. Scissors & thinners
            9. Bathing station

         Once you invest in the right tools and understand how to properly use them, you’ll             get into the right rhythm and establish a routine. 

            3. Establish your routine & rhythm

While not every appointment is the same, you should still try to get into the right routine to standardize your service and get into the right routine. Different dog breeds require specific needs. A dog with shorter hair will obviously require different time and care than a tog with long, matted hair.

That’s why you should use your dog grooming software to prepare ahead of time. You can ask owners the hair type of their pet and size so you can allocate the proper amount of time for each appointment. 

By establishing a routine and rhythm for each customer and their dog, you begin to pick up on the needs of different breeds and your loyal customers. Maintaining these routines will improve your grooming skills and speed for each dog.

            4. When possible, bathe first

When you bathe dogs at the beginning of the appointment, especially dogs with longer hair, it will give you the time you need to prepare and groom them much faster. This will help you remove any dirt, and dust, and condition any tangles that will make them easier to brush and groom later on in the appointment. 

Clean fur is also less harsh on grooming tools and is much more sanitary as it avoids chances of irritation or infection.

            5. Educate your clients

You can also use your knowledge to educate your clients on the best times to make grooming appointments for their dogs, how to clean them, and best practices to help them save time and money on their future grooming services. This will make your job much easier when a dog shows up to an appointment in already pretty good condition. Plus, you’ll build trust with your clients when showing them how they can prevent super costly services in the future. 

It might be as simple as walking them through a service after their appointment or sending them a summary via email. 

            6.  Get organized before closing 

You’ll need to start with a clean slate every morning if you want to easily move from appointment to appointment. This means before closing up each day, you’ll want to finish up any admin work, clean your workstation, and get all of your tools and products organized. 

Having the right software will also help you reduce any annoying admin work like keeping track of payments and manually organizing your schedule. This means you won’t be left sifting through papers at the end of the day and can easily access key business information from the palm of your hand. 

You’ll also want to sanitize and clean up your workstation at the end of the day to get rid of any fur or debris. This way, you’ll make sure you’re setting yourself up for success when you open up shop the next day so you can start servicing clients right away. 

Improve dog grooming time management at your fingertips

The bottom line is, to improve dog grooming time management, you need a back-office assistant to help you reduce annoying admin work and communicate with customers. 

The right dog grooming appointment software should do just that- and give you the flexibility you need to run your entire business from your phone. Zippity is the all-in-one software for busy groomers who run their business in between appointments. From scheduling to customer communication, and upfront payment, Zippity is like having a personal assistant in your pocket. 

Download the mobile service payment one-pager to learn how you can maximize your same-day revenue to learn more.

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