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How to Find the Best Dog Grooming Software

Find the best dog grooming software for Easy Scheduling, Customer Communication, and Payment Management

As a mobile dog groomer, you’re always on the go - providing grooming services in the field while staying on top of every aspect of your business. From handling phone calls and email requests to coordinating schedules and following up on customer payments, you're taking time from your service schedule to manage your business. But you don’t need to sacrifice appointment time to handle the admin work anymore. 

Finding the best dog grooming software can give you more flexibility in the field by letting you manage your entire business from your phone. 

But not all mobile dog grooming software makes the cut. The best dog grooming software should: 

  • Streamline your scheduling through online booking platforms
  • Simplify upselling with transparent service updates
  • Offer unlimited, automated text messaging 
  • Collect payment information upfront to simplify operations. 

It doesn’t end there. To help you find the best mobile dog grooming software for your business, we’ve compiled the top features to make sure are included.

Smart Painfree Scheduling

Customer self-scheduling for Fido's next appointment can make your calendar a mess. Running a fast-paced mobile dog grooming service means you’re on the go, rushing across towns to get to the next dog. Although running a mobile dog grooming service means you’re constantly on the go, chaotic scheduling takes time to untangle, pulling you away from offering more appointments and risks harming customer experience by having to reschedule appointments.

Look for mobile grooming software that actually understands what it’s like to manage a busy schedule in the field. The best dog grooming software should include customer self-scheduling options that optimize self-scheduled bookings by location, helping to avoid unnecessary drive times. 

With Zippity, you can set automatic guardrails and smart scheduling that groups appointments to minimize drive times across town. Plus, Zippity includes accurate buffers between appointments, so you can concentrate on services and not on schedule details.

Simple Service Updates and Transparent Upselling Options

Avoid fielding calls asking for your ETA or manually sending service updates while you’re elbow-deep in bathing a canine companion. The best dog grooming software should help you give your customers peace of mind before, during, and after their mobile dog grooming service, with easy built-in features.

Don’t make customers guess your arrival time. Your dog grooming software should automatically let customers know when you’re on your way. During appointments, the best dog grooming software should help you build trust with your dog owners by sharing updates during their best friends’ appointments. The best software will also make same-day appointment upsells easy, helping you recommend additional treatments or grooming add-ons that don’t feel pushy or inauthentic. 

Zippity helps mobile dog groomers share arrival times, service updates, and transparently upsell all from your phone. With GPS tracking updates, customers know your arrival time without you having to make any calls. Zippity helps you quickly build trust with your customers with easy appointment updates including photo and video sharing, helping to put dog owners at ease by seeing how their furry friends are doing during their grooming appointment. Plus, Zippity helps you increase same-day revenue by making it easy for customers to approve transparent upsell quotes instantly.

Automatic Customer Emails, Text, and Invoices

Stop juggling customer calls and texts. Answering customer questions and sharing updates through calls and text is exhausting and takes up valuable time in your day.  The best dog grooming software lets you stay in touch with your customers without costing you time. 

Look for software with message automation capabilities to make communication easier and more consistent. This should include your invoicing, helping you to send professional invoices without needing back office help or more of your time.

Zippity helps owner-operators save time through professional communication with automated emails and text messages. Elevate your customer experiences by including photos and videos. Don’t worry about the number of texts you’re sending. Zippity’s unlimited, integrated two-way texting platform lets you focus on delivering top-tier mobile dog grooming services without expensive texting fees. Instead of manually sending out emails and messages, use Zippity to automatically send invoices with real-time appointment details

Easy, Upfront Payment

You don’t have time in your busy schedule to track down customers for payment, but you also can’t afford not to. With the time you spent prepping, driving, and grooming pets, you deserve to get paid for your efforts without any hassles. The best dog grooming software will simplify getting paid, making it easy for you to get your dues to continue running your business. It should make invoicing and payments easier with upfront payment options and integrations to make billing painless.

Zippity makes it easier for customers to pay you with Square integration for online payments. Securely keep customer cards on file for convenience and easy repeat customer invoicing. Take credit card details online ahead of appointments and charge customers after services are complete, making it easier to include same-day upsells. Enjoy the freedom of collecting payments instantly after each job without the hassle of chasing down every customer. 

Accessible customer management in the field

As a mobile dog groomer, your customer management software needs to be as mobile as you,  letting you manage and update your customer details while on the go. The best dog grooming software will make customer appointments and account tracking easier. Instead of contacting the back office admin about appointment changes and updates, the right software will let you make account updates in real-time while in the field. 

Zippity lets you handle your entire customer database in the palm of your hand. Build better relationships with customers by staying on top of pet information and previous appointments. Whether you need to offer add-on services or make appointments over the phone, you’ll have information about each pet when you need it the most. Check appointment history, make account updates, and see your daily calendar with customer info — all from your phone with Zippity.

Smooth customer review requests

Building a mobile dog grooming business includes promoting your services. There’s no better way to promote your business than with stellar customer reviews. Generating and sharing five-star reviews builds your credibility and gives happy clients a platform to boast about their great experiences. But who has time to remember to send out review requests to dozens of customers?  

The best dog grooming software should make promoting your business a natural part of customer interactions. Customers want to use businesses with good reputations and feel empowered to share their feedback. Inviting past customers to leave five-star reviews about your mobile service will attract new business and deliver a modern customer experience. 

Zippity helps you build a positive profile for your business with customer reviews. Zippity lets you automatically send review request text messages configured with your favorite online review platforms like Google or Yelp, prompting your customers to share how their experience was.  With Zippity’s help, you can collect a library of positive reviews that make your business stand out from your competitors. 

Get the Best Mobile Dog Grooming Software from Zippity

Zippity mobile service software was created for busy pros who want to run their entire mobile dog grooming business from their phone

Made for owner-operators like you, Zippity is the best mobile dog grooming software to build your dream business just the way you want. 

  • Make more dog grooming service calls in a day by reducing service routes up to 30% with location-optimized scheduling 
  • Increase five-star reviews from pet owners by up to 3x to stand out from your competition 
  • Get 35% more revenue with every appointment through same-day authorizations and transparent upselling tools 

With Zippity’s all-in-one, mobile dog groom platform reduces annoying admin tasks, solve scheduling headaches, and serve more customers in your day. 

Download the Zippity Guide to learn how you can maximize bookings and amaze your customers today.

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