How to run a mobile detailing business in 4 steps

Learn how to run a mobile detailing business in these 4 steps to stay on top of industry trends and stay competitive with the big guys.

The past two years have created new challenges and opportunities for the mobile detailing industry. These challenges include keeping business coming in all while following health guidelines and social distancing protocols. While the COVID-19 pandemic won’t last forever, its impact on consumer behavior and a shift in working standards will likely stick around for long after the virus is gone. That’s why you need to adopt new technologies to meet your customers’ expectations to successfully run a mobile detailing business.  

Mobile detailing businesses are investing in technology that focuses on customer engagement and provides the most transparency from the beginning to end of each service. By offering tools like self-service scheduling, technician GPS tracking, and unlimited texting, Mobile detailing businesses can place the customer at the center to boost engagement and loyalty. 

We’ve narrowed down the top 4 steps you need to take to boost retention, revenue, and positive reviews for your mobile detailing business. 

How to run a mobile detailing business

1. Offer transparency and self-service

Your customers don’t want to wait on hold to schedule a service or get stuck with a hard-to-read quote in their inbox.  Customers’ demand for transparency and convenience has jumped significantly in recent years. As a result, the need for self-service tools has continued to rise, as well. Mobile detailing businesses like yours need to stop playing phone tag with customers to improve their experiences while reducing admin work for you.  In fact, nearly 81% of customers across all industries want to book their own appointments before reaching out to a business. 

Customers often struggle with tedious scheduling methods, like submitting an appointment request via email or leaving a voicemail and hoping you’ll get back to them. Once booked, many mobile detailing services lack transparency and communication, leaving customers and technicians in the dark. 

To meet customers halfway, mobile detailing businesses are using a  self-scheduler that allows customers to book and adjust their own services with a few taps on their smartphones.

Another way mobile detailing businesses are providing more transparency to customers is through the use of live GPS tracking. This tool allows you to keep track of technicians to make sure they’re staying on time and delivering great service to your customers. 

Finally, mobile detailing businesses are leveraging more transparent and direct methods of communication such as unlimited texting between technicians and customers. With the right texting system, customers should be able to chat with admins and technicians within the same thread to get consistent updates on their services with photo updates and additional service requests. 

Technologies like self-scheduling, live GPS tracking, and unlimited texting are all emerging as essential tools within the mobile detailing industry to provide the most transparency and self-service to meet the demands of today’s modern customers. 

2. Allow easy payment and billing

Have you ever had to call a customer about a past-due payment or wait around for them to meet you with their checkbook when you finish a service? Today, customers don’t have time to interrupt their hectic days and meet your technicians for payment. Your team also can’t risk waiting around for payment, just to make them late for their next appointment. 

That’s why many mobile detailing businesses are using transparent service pricing that is easy, secure, and flexible. This means that after a customer books their own appointment, they have to automatically pay to secure their service upfront. 

As a result, your team never has to chase a customer for payment again. Your customers also get access to a quicker checkout the next time they schedule an appointment because all of their information will be saved onto their account.  and the next time a customer books an appointment, they don’t have to type in their information all over again. 

3. Adopt mobile detailing software

Traditional mobile detailing software is built for the “big guy.” This means that smaller mobile service businesses are left with software that’s built for larger teams and not a one-man-show or a small team. 

Throughout 2022, small mobile service businesses will start looking for the right mobile detailing software to help run their business. This means using software that allows you to run your entire business from your phone and handles all of the back-end pieces of your business from bookings to customer communication, to payments and reporting. 

This might look like software that has unlimited texting, which allows technicians, customers, and admins to communicate all within the same thread. As a result, you can build templated responses for your technicians to effectively represent your business in the field. Unlimited texting also empowers customers with transparent communication, so they can always stay in the know with service updates, and quickly communicate with your team without the need to walk out their front door. 

Dependence on the right mobile detailing software comes from the growing need of small business owners like you to run your business with a few taps on your smart device. With the right mobile detailing software, you can empower yourself and your technicians to organize your schedule, service more customers, get back control of your business and simplify your operations with one solution. So you can get back to delivering great onsite service. 

4. Emphasize customer engagement  

Customers have gotten used to a greater level of service during the pandemic. The convenience of making appointments ahead of time, curbside pickup, and meal service deliveries have all contributed to the expectation of instant and rapid service. 

Although this shift in consumer behavior was initially motivated by safety concerns, some changes have altered customer expectations for good. That’s why mobile detailing industries today are currently in a transition period to meet the needs of modern customers. Often, this means looking for a solution that offers better customer engagement through efficient communication and optimal transparency. 

Seamless customer engagement matters for mobile detailing businesses from first contact to the completion of the job. Not every onsite service software will work for your business or customers. To narrow it down, consider a mobile-first software that emphasizes self-service and is built for mobile detailers. In the end, this will help you reduce busy work and improve operational efficiency to empower your customers and technicians alike.

Use a solution that engages customers from start to finish

As a whole, mobile detailing industry trends today show the importance of providing the most seamless and transparent experience for customers end-to-end. 

With the right mobile detailing software, your business can have everything you need to keep your customers engaged and set up your technicians for success. A mobile detailing software like Zippity can give customers the convenience and transparency they expect with the power to self-schedule, pay online, and receive updates at every stage of their appointment

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