A guide to mobile business management software

The do’s and don'ts to choosing the right mobile business management software

Mobile service is more complex than in-store service. As an owner-operator on the go, you’re providing services in the field, while also managing your business on the road. That includes all the back-office tasks that help keep your business running smoothly - scheduling services, calling and emailing customers, chasing down payments, and when you find the time, promoting your business. 

Modern mobile services need a modern way to manage on the go - mobile business management software that matches the flexibility of your services. You need the right software to make your business more efficient without needing more staffing to manage it. 

Guide to Finding the Right Mobile Business Management Software 

Not all mobile management business service software is created equal. It’s not enough to have software that handles basic admin without taking into consideration your entire business needs. The right mobile business management software should:

  • Take control of your schedule: Use a business-customized scheduler that groups appointments by location to make the most of your day.
  • Cut out the busy work: Easy up-front pricing, automated customer service review requests, and display real-time availability to customers. 
  • Easier customer communication: Don’t let your business suffer from poor customer communication. Automatic service reports and unlimited texting will keep customers informed every step of the way, leading to improved experiences. 
  • Grow trust with every service: Make the most of every appointment by seizing opportunities to make transparent upsells with same-day authorizations. 

Do’s and Don’t to Choosing the Right Mobile Business Management Software for You 

With all the mobile service software available, it can be challenging to know which one is the best fit for your business. We’ve compiled critical Do’s and Don’ts to make choosing the right mobile business management software for your business easier.

Mobile Business Management Software Feature




Choose mobile business management software that allows for online booking integration directly with your site. Make sure customer self-scheduling has guardrails to make sure bookings are automatically grouped by location to cut drive times. 

Modern mobile service software should also include smart scheduling that automatically adds sufficient time between appointments for travel.

Avoid software that requires a  back-office team to manage scheduling. 

Also, be wary of software that lets customers self-schedule without constraints.  

Both of these will lead to calendar chaos and more manual schedule management.

Customer Communication

Make connecting with your customers easier with mobile business management software that automates customer communications.

Choose software that lets you automate texts, emails, and quoting, making every step of your customer journey simple while maintaining professional connections. Customers expect a modern experience, so make sure your software lets you send photos and videos. 

Bypass mobile business software that doesn’t have automated, custom email and texting capabilities. 

Manually sending and keeping tabs on your communications and invoices takes up precious time that you could be taking on more service appointments. 

Customer Management

Focus on mobile business management software that makes growing your customer base a breeze.

The right software will store your customer details, appointments, and communications in one central hub, that’s easy for both you and your customers to update on the fly. It should also have an easy-to-use daily calendar that includes customer details for each of the day’s appointments.

Don’t default to settling for mediocre customer database management. Stay clear of mobile business management software that requires heavy database management from a desk, taking you away from service appointments. 

And don’t accept software that doesn’t make it easy for you or your customers to make updates.

Billing & Payments


Streamline getting paid with the right mobile business management software, making sure it allows for upfront online payments so customers can add card details when booking. 

Letting customers securely keep a card on file for future purchases will save you both time.

Don’t settle for a mobile business management software that doesn’t make invoicing and payment streamlined. 

You’ll continue to waste time chasing down customers for payment and drafting invoices and updates for add-on services.

Service Upsell Offerings


Find a mobile business management software that builds customer trust with transparent upselling features like upfront pricing and quoting, and integrated photos and videos. 

Your software should make it easy for customers to instantly approve same-day service add-ons. 

Steer clear of mobile business management software that doesn’t allow for easy, automatic add-on service suggestions. 

Unexpected, poorly executed upselling creates bad customer experiences and builds distrust in the value of the suggested add-on service.

Service Reviews & Followup


Select mobile business management software that makes building your credibility with customer reviews automatic.

Your software should make getting more five-star reviews simple with automated review request texts. Build your business profile with software that lets you configure which online review platform you choose to send customers to. 

Don’t assume customers will remember to leave reviews on their own. And don’t settle for a mobile business management software that doesn’t help build your business with customer feedback and advocacy. 

If a platform includes review outreach features, make sure it doesn’t limit your review platform options - reviews are only impactful when they’re on the most relevant platform to your prospective customers.

Explore Zippity’s Mobile Business Management Software 

Zippity’s mobile service software was built specifically with a busy service pro in mind, helping you run your entire business from your phone. From smart scheduling to customer communications, to payments and reporting – Zippity handles all of the back-end pieces of your business, just the way you want.

Zippity’s mobile service management software empowers fast-paced service pros like you to:

  • Generate up to 35% more revenue with transparent upsell quotes with photos and videos to explain the additional service.
  • Improve your appointment scheduling efficiency by 50% through location-optimized scheduling. 
  • Increase your positive customer reviews by up to 3x and stand out from your competitors.

Discover how Zippity lets you organize your schedule, service more customers, get back control of your business, and simplify your operations with one mobile business management solution. 

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