How mobile car wash software can help you beat competitors

Read about what you should look for in mobile car wash software to beat the big guys in your area.

The mobile car wash industry is super competitive. Today, it’s not only difficult to get new customers but keep them around as well. In fact, the mobile car wash industry makes up about 50% of the detailing industry, with an estimated 62,000 businesses in the US alone. 

And competing with industry giants doesn’t make it any easier as a busy pro running your business between appointments. 

Busy pros like you need the right software to keep up with these bigger businesses, without completing annoying admin work or hiring a back office assistant. You’re constantly torn between handling things like customer communication, scheduling, and payment, sometimes it can be hard to focus on delivering amazing service while in the field. 

That’s why we’ve created a list of key features to look for in mobile car wash software to help you stand out from the competition in your area. And how to look for a mobile car wash software that’s like having a 24/7 assistant in your pocket, that takes care of the backend of your business. 

Mobile car wash software: What to look for

Easy scheduling

One way to beat bigger businesses is to offer online customer booking. Instead of coordinating with a back-office assistant or taking appointments when you get back to the office, online booking gives your customers the flexibility they expect. They can book their appointments straight from the comfort of their own homes, without the need to pick up a phone to call your business.

Customers today expect instant, door-to-door service. By offering online booking, you’ll give your customers the self-service experience they expect, similar to rideshare apps and meal service deliveries. The less time they have to spend waiting around or dealing with human interaction, the better. 

For you, letting your customers book services online means less time combing through your inbox to manually coordinate appointments and taking fewer phone calls while in the field. Ideally, your mobile car wash software should also organize your daily appointments by location, so each time a customer books online it only gives them availability based on the area you’re servicing that day.

This means you can say goodbye to driving across town and hello to servicing more customers in a day. 

Modern customer communication

COVID-19 has completely changed consumer behavior. Fewer customers have the patience to wait in line at a car wash for a simple service. That’s why more consumers are opting for mobile car wash services that give them the flexibility to get their car cleaned without stepping out their front door.

But offering a mobile service isn’t enough to completely satisfy their expectations. That’s why you’ll need to choose software with modern customer communication tools to compete with the big guys in your area.

From service updates with photo attachments to automated texts and emails to remind customers about their appointments, you should look for software that makes customer communication a breeze. This means the software should have templatized messages that you can edit as much or as little as you want to automate your customer communication at every stage of service.

Ideally, the software should also have GPS tracking to let your customers know when you’re on your way and let them see your location when you’re en route to their appointment. This gives customers the transparency they expect. And you don’t have to waste time manually calling a customer to update them on their service or even your arrival time.  

Investing in software with modern customer communication tools will help you look super professional, without the need to text and drive or even think of the right things to say. Pre-built responses, along with photo and text updates will let you outshine bigger businesses, without the need to hire a back office assistant to coordinate all the background work. 

Online payment 

You should also look for software that makes taking payments really easy and integrates with your favorite payment app, like Square. When your software integrates with your favorite payment app, you won’t have to switch over to a completely different system and deal with the headache of transferring important information from software to software.

Collecting payment manually after each service can be a time-consuming chore. Sometimes you have to track a customer down and wait around, other times, you might get stuck having an awkward conversation about upsells or even pricing miscommunication. 

That’s why your mobile car wash software should take payment information upfront, each time a customer books a service online. Not only does this mean you won’t have to wait around for payment, but you can also make upsells super easy since you’ll already have credit card information captured online. The system should automatically update the invoice, charge the appropriate amount at the time of service, and automatically send the updated receipt to your customer.

This cuts out headache-inducing manual payment work and lets you focus on delivering awesome service to each customer. Plus, you’ll look super professional with transparent upsell requests, allowing customers to approve or deny additional service in a stress-free environment, just the way they want. 

Automate reviews

Another way you can stand out from the competition in your area is to build a library of positive reviews on your favorite review sites. That’s why you should look for a car wash software that lets you automatically request reviews after each service and post them to websites like Yelp or Google. 

This way, you don’t have to worry about manually sending out customer surveys every time you complete a job. Plus, the more positive reviews you get, the more likely your business will show up first when your customers type in mobile car wash businesses in your area of service. This will give you the competitive edge you need to stay competitive in your niche and beat bigger businesses that service a ton of customers in a day. 

Run your entire business from your phone 

When you’re super busy in the field all day servicing customers, the last thing you want to do is think about heavy admin work, or wait to get back to your office to keep up with your business. 

That’s why you’ll need to invest in mobile car wash software that lets you get the job done, straight from your smartphone. Not only will you be able to book appointments from the field and easily communicate with customers, but you’ll also have the modern tools you need to compete with bigger businesses. 

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