Why a mobile repair management system matters

It’s crucial that your mobile automotive service team has the right mobile repair management system to manage your mobile operations.

From providing a best-in-class customer experience to optimizing technician driving routes, it’s crucial that your mobile automotive service team has the right software to manage your mobile operations.

Mobile repair shop management software helps you:

  • Empower your service team to optimize mobile logistics to maximize productivity and margin 

  • Provide a best-in-class customer experience

  • Empower and retain your technicians.

Empower your team with the right mobile repair management system

Gone are the days of giant whiteboards and hours attempting to find efficient routes between a tangle of customer appointments, porters, and shuttle vehicles.

When the software does the work of optimizing mobile logistics, your service team is empowered to move beyond time-consuming dispatching tasks and focus on revenue-generating activity.

Scheduling & Routing software helps maximize your appointments per day by:

  • Automatically updating real-time availability shown to customers

  • Automatically grouping customers in close proximity

  • Automatically optimizing driver routes to minimize drive time

  • Selecting the best vehicle for the job, if there are multiple service vehicles

  • Allowing supervisors to update routes for unique cases

  • Providing directions to drivers

Mobile repair management system helps you offer a best-in-class customer experience

We all know that we must modernize the customer experience. Calling in to arrange service no longer is enough for the modern customer and it’s only natural that our customers should be able to book car maintenance online in a world where every other service can be booked online. But did you know that software can also do things like build trust, make customers feel appreciated, or create a connection to your store?

It’s not about just completing a transaction or having a modern interface. Sure, those are important too, but good software can delight your customers and change their opinion about how your shop operates which directly impacts whether you retain them from service to service.

Best-in-Class customer software:

  • Creates a cohesive end-to-end experience from booking to stepping into a newly repaired vehicle 

  • Builds trust with transparent upfront pricing and sharing service processes with the customer

  • Educates customers with detailed information so they can make informed decisions

  • Demonstrates value and impact of the service before selling

  • Provides touchpoints at critical milestones in the customer journey 

Empower and retain your technicians

A best-in-class customer experience is not possible without a best-in-class technician experience and their role goes beyond turning the wrench. Empowering your technicians with software tools that make their lives easier and happier impacts both your customer’s experience and your bottom line.

Best in Class technician software:

  • Streamlines data entry to reduce time spent on software, leaving more time for service

  • Allows junior technicians to punch above their weight with tools to identify additional work or access expert master-tech support remotely

  • Ensures high-quality inspections and drives higher approval rates

  • Tracks technician efficiency, performance, and happiness to help you retain your best technicians and identify areas where you can support high potential technicians

The mobile repair shop management software you use can impact your bottom line in every part of your business, from Service Sales to technician management. You’ll be amazed at what your team can accomplish with the right tools by their side.

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