How to choose the right mobile service business software

Rethink your customer engagement strategy with mobile service business software that puts them at the center of your services.

When was the last time you felt like you had full control of your mobile detailing software? From scheduling to service check-ins and payments, field service tools lack transparency such as direct channels of communication, and don’t emphasize customer experiences. 

Today, your customers expect tools that provide instant communication, updates, and a mobile-friendly experience. According to a recent study by Mckinsey Digital, when businesses put customers at the center of operations with self-service tools, they can experience a boost in conversion rates and growth by up to 20 percent.

This is why facilitating customer engagement today is critical.  The failure to deliver a seamless experience from start to finish yields unhappy customers, frustrated business owners like you, and overwhelmed technicians. What you need is a tool that offers complete control of your operations, optimal support for technicians, and a transparent experience for your customers from the beginning through the end of each service.

What is Mobile Sevice Business Software?

The right mobile service business software allows business owners to run their entire mobile detailing operation from one place to decrease admin work and increase revenue, retention, and reviews. The software can handle everything from scheduling, communication, reporting, and billing to put the customer at the center and provide an amazing experience. 

It can also integrate with your favorite CMS (content management system). A CMS allows users to manage a website without the headache of building it from the ground up with complicated code or software development knowledge. 

From the moment a technician sets out on a job, the right mobile detailing business software should give you insight into their performance and most importantly, how they communicate with your customers.  

It boosts retention by providing customers a modern and intuitive experience with a few taps on their mobile phones. Upsell requests and templated service quotes empower your technicians to perform their job with ease while delighting customers. The result is an intuitive experience for your business to reduce admin work and grow your collection of 5-star reviews.  

Features to consider in your mobile service business software

Before selecting mobile detailing business software, account for your specific business needs and your customer base. There are plenty of software options available on the market and chances are, they claim to offer everything you need. 

Consider the features we’ve gathered below to see why your current mobile detailing business software just isn’t cutting it.  

Unlimited texting 

Unlimited texting is a feature that allows technicians, customers, and admins to communicate all within the same thread. 

Traditional mobile detailing business software requires heavy admin work and a lot of back and forth between your technicians and customers. Unlimited texting eliminates this disjointed communication. This means you don’t have to wait around in case you miss a call and have to redirect it to one of your technicians out in the field. 

You can also build templated responses within the feature to ensure your technicians are representing your brand effectively. At the end of the day, this means they spend less time coming up with an accurate and well-thought-out response to customers and more time getting the job done. 

 Live GPS tracking

Customers today expect full visibility into their services from start to finish. That’s why you should consider mobile detailing business software that provides real-time technician tracking. With this feature, your customers won’t have to be left guessing when their technician will arrive or call to confirm their appointment in case it’s running late. 

Live GPS tracking will also allow you to keep track of your technicians and their routes so you can keep track of your collective schedules each day. Your customers will be at ease when they see an estimated arrival time, while you ensure technicians are staying on track and keeping up with their busy calendars.


Mobile detailing business software with self-scheduling allows customers to directly book and adjust their own appointments. Customers today want an experience that’s as easy as booking a car on a rideshare app or ordering food from a meal service delivery. That’s why giving customers the flexibility to alter or reschedule their appointments is a win-win. 

At the end of the day, this means bringing in more customers with a convenient self-service solution and giving them a simple experience with just a few taps on their smartphones. 

It’s also important to note that mobile detailing business software should automatically group your appointments by location. This gives your technicians the ability to shorten their routes between services, see more customers and maximize their daily appointments. At the end of the day, this means increased productivity across your operations and in time, an increase in your bottom line. 

Automatic invoicing and payment 

Chasing customers for payment can be a pain and huge waste of time. Many customers today don’t want to leave their house and are comfortable either approving upsell requests or completing payment from an app. 

It’s important to choose a mobile detailing business software that can generate on-the-go quotes and professional online invoices in minutes. At the end of each service, this means your technicians can receive payments faster so they’re not left waiting around and can move on to their next appointment. 

Delight and retain more customers with less work 

Today, many mobile detailing businesses still fail to deliver a professional, digital experience to their customers. Clients struggle with tedious scheduling methods, like submitting an appointment request via email or playing phone tag with a scheduler. Even once the appointment is booked, the entire service lacks transparency and communication, leaving both customers and technicians in the dark. 

You need to adopt a solution that delights customers every step of the way, without requiring you to have a back office. With the right mobile detailing business software, you’ll give customers the convenience and transparency they expect with the power to self-schedule, pay online, and receive updates at every stage of their appointment. 

Your business will be able to service more customers by automatically grouping nearby appointments on the same day. This means technicians spend more time forming long-lasting client relationships and less time on the road. The result is a  powerful, scalable mobile detailing service that doesn’t sacrifice your customer experience. 

Zippity was built exclusively to eliminate the pain of on-the-go customer interactions, complicated scheduling, and unpredictable onsite service processes to establish your business, delight customers,  and bring in more confident prospects.  

Take a look at our technician app to learn more about Zippity's modern approach to customer engagement in field services.


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