Top 5 mobile service scheduling software FAQs for Pros on the Go

We’ve gathered the top frequently asked questions about mobile service scheduling software to help you make the biggest difference for your business.

Customers love the flexibility and convenience of having mobile services onsite. But because much of mobile service work relies on staying on top of fast-paced customer interactions, it can be hard to get organized between jobs and stay on schedule during the day. Not to mention finding time to manage other business tasks like upselling service add-ons in the field and getting good reviews. 

As a mobile service pro on the go, you need tools that are as flexible as you. We’ve gathered the top frequently asked questions about mobile service software to help find where it can make the biggest difference for your business.

What is mobile service scheduling software?

Mobile service software focuses on giving you the tools to run your business in the field. Mobile service software manages your customer details and schedule, and lets you handle appointment requests and payments from one place. 

Mobile service software can have more features like add-on service suggestions and customer communication options. Some mobile service software also has options for requesting and managing customer reviews to help you promote your business.

What industries use mobile service scheduling software?

Mobile service software is built for owner-operators to see multiple customers in the field in a single day. Industries like mobile bike repair, on-site cell phone repair, and mobile computer support rely on software to handle scheduling, manage customer communications and on-demand service reports, and upsell. Growing mobile service industries including massage, barbershops, and dog grooming can give customers a convenient and transparent experience with easy self-scheduling and integrated online payment options. For owner-operators focused on delivering great mobile customer experiences, Zippity’s self-service tools simplify your operations with one easy-to-run software. Find out if Zippity is right for your mobile service industry needs.

What are the top benefits of mobile service scheduling software?

Fit more customers into your schedule

Make customer booking easy while avoiding customer self-scheduling chaos.  With Zippity’s self-scheduling options, you can automatically fill your calendar with bookings in the same locations, lowering your fuel costs and making it easier for customers to fill up your calendar. Don’t sweat planning drive times - Zippity automatically manages bookings to give you enough time to get to each appointment. 

Boost your cash flow and make payments easier

Never chase payments again. Zippity makes payments easier by taking credit card info online at booking, so you don’t need to deal with payments at the time of service. Make payment updates for upsells simple with card details already saved online. Automatically update your invoice, charge the right amount at the time of service, and instantly send an updated receipt. Zippity makes it even easier for customers to pay you with Square online payment integrations.

Improve customer satisfaction with easy communication tools and service updates

Give your customers the experience they deserve by staying in touch before, during, and after their service with Zippity’s built-in texts, emails, quotes, and reports. At every step of your service, customize automated text messages and emails to remind customers of their service, share job progress reports and photos, automatically share quotes and invoices, follow up on recent appointments, and share reports. 

Increase service requests with easy add-on offers

Build customer trust with professional, transparent service updates and add-ons that take seconds to fill out. Drive more revenue with same-day service to upsell recommendations and include easy-to-understand service detail photos, notes, and upfront pricing. Instantly get customer replies on upsell suggestions with Zippity’s online approval tool. 

Nurture your customer relationships

Keep track of all your customer interactions in one single place for easy access and continued growth. With Zippity’s self-service online accounts, give your customers personal accounts to easily schedule or reschedule service, see past service history, and update personal information including payment details. Track texts, emails, invoices, quotes, photos, and reports for a single source of customer information. 

Grow your business with more five-star reviews

Get more 5-star reviews. After you impress them with your service and speed, automatically request a review with your favorite review platform to help get more customers. Zippity helps get 3x more reviews than your competitors with a modernized digital customer experience and automated review requests.

How to get started using mobile service scheduling software?

To get started with mobile service software, get the right software for all your needs. Start providing fast, convenient, and reliable services as early as today with Zippity. Whether you’re a single owner-operator or have a team of technicians, Zippity lets you run your entire business from your phone. Explore Zippity’s mobile service software options. 

Does Zippity offer a mobile service app?

Yes, we do! Zippity’s all-in-one app is designed by mobile service pros to make powerful mobile service a reality. Zippity provides three applications in one system, combining customer self-service, business admin, and technician management in a single easy-to-use tool. 

Zippity’s mobile service app can help you cut drive times by an average of 30% per service vehicle and increase your revenue per customer by up to 35% with easy add-on items and services directly in the customer booking process. See Zippity’s turnkey mobile service app in action.


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