How to find the right repair shop scheduling software

Mobile repair shop scheduling software can help you engage more customers and run your entire business from your phone. Here’s how:

Whether you run an auto detailing business on your own or manage a small team of employees, you know how hard it can be to manage your hectic schedule and keep customers happy at the same time. 

You’re probably constantly torn between handling phone and online appointment requests while managing a team of technicians. Staying on top of everything can feel almost impossible. You could hire a back office assistant, but that’s risky, time-consuming, and expensive. Worse, traditional auto detailing booking software is often built for big companies and doesn’t always align with what you need as a smaller business. 

What you need is the right software that allows you to handle all of the back-end pieces of your business. At the same time, the software should run itself and be like having a digital assistant in your pocket. 

We’ve narrowed down the top features to look out for in a repair shop scheduling software, so you can grow your business while staying in control of your hectic schedule.  

Find the right repair shop scheduling software

Whether you’re looking to grow or just trying to better manage your current schedule, it’s important to stay on top of your appointments to make the most out of your workdays. With the right software, you should be able to do it all, but not every software is created equal. 

That’s why we’ve narrowed down the top features to look for in mobile shop management software. These features will help you manage your entire business from your phone and get back to focusing on what’s important- focusing on your clients, training your team, or even spending time with friends and family. 

Allow your customers to book their own appointments

Customers today have little patience and are used to fast-moving services (think Amazon, meal service delivery, and rideshare apps). To catch up or even beat these bigger businesses, you’ll have to keep up with these modern expectations and give them the tools they need for self-service. 

That’s why your booking software should allow your customers to schedule their own appointments and select their own services, on their own time. 

Giving the customers all of the services you offer upfront means they can select exactly what they need for their vehicle make and model. They can also get transparent pricing and add-on service information upfront in a stress-free environment, so they can choose what works best for them. 

Giving your customers this convenience will allow you to retain a loyal customer base and give them the opportunity to spread the word about your services with 5-star reviews. 

Make sure your scheduler is geographically optimized

There’s nothing worse than filling up your calendar with appointments that are across town from one another.

This leaves you scrambling to finish each appointment on time and rushing to make it to the next without being late. Plus, it’s very time-consuming to schedule appointments near each other and make sure you have enough time to drive between them. To avoid the headache, your scheduler should allow you to optimize your calendar by location. 

This means that as your customers book their own appointments, the scheduler only shows them available times based on their location and the rules you set. At the same time, your customers get the convenience to book their own appointments online. Meanwhile, you stay in control of your schedule by servicing more customers, without rushing from one appointment to the next. 

Onsite service is more complicated than running an in-store business. That’s why you need a scheduler that empowers you and your technicians to stay on top of your schedule, stay organized, and get more bookings with less work and stress. 

Run your entire business from your phone

While most customers today prefer to book their own services online, you should be prepared to book appointments from your smartphone. 

That’s why having an in-app scheduler that you can easily pull up during a call is a must for any booking software you choose. The booking app should give you an outline of your day and help you schedule phone appointments geographically. This means you won’t be left scrambling to organize your schedule while taking a call with a customer or while in the middle of a service. 

An in-app scheduler gives you the freedom to run your entire business from your phone and book phone appointments, even when you’re busy in the field. There won’t be any need to coordinate with a back office assistant, or even wait to get back to your office to look at your calendar. 

An in-app scheduler gives you everything you need to manage your team’s hectic schedule, and simplify your operations in one solution. 

Collect payment information upfront

The scheduler on your mobile shop management software should also collect payment information from each customer as they book a service. Collecting payment information upfront means you and your team won’t have to chase customers down after each appointment. This also means you won’t be stuck having awkward conversations with customers about getting paid. 

Plus, upfront payment helps you establish even more trust between you and your customers. They won’t be left with any surprise expenses after you complete a service, especially if the software has an upsell approval tool. 

With this feature, your customers can approve additional work from their smartphones, while you get notified instantly. The service is then added on automatically because you’ll already have their card on file and you can move on to your next appointment without waiting around. This helps you drive more same-day revenue and arrive at each appointment on time. 

Handle incoming appointments with less stress

Your auto detailing business needs a repair shop scheduling software booking software that empowers you to compete with big, professional businesses with the most modern customer experience tools in the game - all while being super easy to use and generating value within minutes. 

With Zippity, you can build your dream onsite service business- your way. Empower yourself and your technicians to organize your schedule, service more customers, get back control of your business and simplify your operations with one solution. Increase revenue, retain more customers and generate great reviews while saving a ton of time. So you can get back to delivering amazing services your customers can rave about on their favorite review sites. Request a demo to see Zippity in action. 

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