The top 5 field service industry software for customer engagement

There's plenty of field service industry software out there, but how do you find the right one? We’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 to save you time.

Traditional field service industry software just doesn’t make the cut anymore for customers and technicians. The truth is if you own an onsite service business, you simply don’t have time to use software that requires you to wait at your computer all day to manage appointments or stay glued to your phone to talk with customers. 

That’s why field service industries today, such as auto detailing, are currently in a transition period to meet the needs of modern customers and technicians. Often, this means looking for a solution that offers better field service customer engagement through efficient communication and optimal transparency. 

Business owners like you need to look past outdated tools that don’t put customers first and require heavy admin work to run efficiently. The transition accounts for software that offers online self-scheduling, real-time notifications, digital service reports, and upfront pricing. 

There are plenty of onsite service software out there. So how do you find the right one that accounts for your limited back-office staff and puts your customers at the center of everything you do? We’ve taken the headache out of it for you and narrowed it down to the top 5. 

Finding the right field service industry software 

It’s no secret that today,  a mobile-friendly solution is the backbone of a great customer experience. Modern customers expect easy and intuitive tools as simple as placing an order on a meal delivery or rideshare app. That’s why we’ve gathered the top 5 field service industry software built to enhance your customers’ experience while you and your technicians spend less time worrying about scheduling conflicts and admin work.

1. Zippity 

Zippity is the only onsite service business that was built exclusively to help you engage with customers. It eliminates the pains of on-the-go customer interactions, unpredictable onsite service, and complicated scheduling while empowering customers with more transparency and technicians with more resources in the field. With Zippity, onsite service businesses can maximize daily appointments while still delivering exceptional one-on-one service to every customer. Here’s why: 

  • Unlimited texting: Enable your customers to text and share photos with admin users and technicians all in one thread. This makes it easier for your team to keep customers informed on service progress, completion dates, and service costs. With Zippity’s plans,  you have the option to choose from a preset number of automated, outbound texts, unlimited two-way texting, or unlimited three-way texting between a technician, back-office, and a customer.
  • Self-Scheduling: Say goodbye to painful calendar management with Zippity's field service automated scheduling software, enabling customers to conveniently book their appointments online. This feature increases the efficiency of your day by shortening service routes and grouping nearby appointments together. This feature enables you and your technicians to maximize your calendar without the need to manually account for the distance between each appointment.  
  • GPS Tracking: You can manage your technicians and their schedules using dispatch map-based visualizations and GPS tracking, which show each of your dispatch vehicles, their appointments, and routes for the day. Customers can also use GPS tracking to check the whereabouts of technicians, so they aren’t left waiting around or calling for updates. 
  • Dynamic service reports: This feature lets customers keep a pulse on how their services are going with photo updates and digital work authorizations. While you wow your customers with full transparency, your technicians don’t have to wait around for upsell approvals and can get going to their next appointments.  
  • Online Payments and Invoicing: You can use this feature to receive secure online payments for services rendered and generate customer invoices within minutes. Customers, therefore, don't have to worry about checking or swiping their credit cards.


Zippity is not built for long or overly complex field services. If your business provides services like HVAC, roofing, or electrical, other solutions in this list are better tailored for your business and will deliver better outcomes for you.  

2. Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro is an all-in-one onsite service solution that helps home services grow with automated business processes and workflows. The software provides the tools onsite service professionals need to scale their business through money management and automated marketing tools to offer seamless field service customer engagement from end to end. Housecall Pro's features include: 

  • Online Portal: Customers can book appointments and track their services from their online portal, while you can check recurring service plans, orders, and upcoming appointments. 
  • SMS Service Updates: This feature keeps customers in the loop throughout their service, from dispatch to completed job notifications with a preset number of automated, outbound texts.  
  • Follow-up marketing: Following each service, you can send automated email and postcard marketing to continue to engage customers to boost retention and referrals. 
  • Service Checklists: This feature allows you and your team to customize your checklist templates so that you can monitor every detail of the job while your customers get an overview of the entire service. 


Housecall Pro currently does not offer online customer self-scheduling, schedule management that factors in drive times, or dynamic proposals, based on your service inspections. 

3. Jobber

Jobber helps onsite business owners create a convenient experience for their customers and empowers technicians with automated business processes. The software allows owners like you to take on more customers without the need to hire additional staff. Their features include: 

  • SMS and Email Service Updates: You can use this feature to keep your clients in the loop at critical points before, during, and after the work.
  • Automated invoicing: Jobber allows you to manage your payments in the same place you manage your work while customers are automatically charged with the card they have on file. This provides a convenient and transparent experience, so customers aren’t surprised by any fees. 
  • Resources: Service History, Checklist, and More: With this feature, you can make records of service authorization dates, a breakdown of services rendered, and whether or not the client approved the work. 
  • Route Optimization With Turn-by-Turn Directions: You can determine the routes for each team in a few seconds and visualize your day's work on a map to make strategic dispatch decisions. 


Jobber currently does not offer customer self-scheduling, group chat, live GPS tracking, or turn-by-turn directions. It also doesn’t allow you to quickly generate work authorization requests in the field.

4. Mobile Tech RX

Mobile Tech RX is a solution that makes it easy for repair and servicing technicians to manage teams, invoices and capture data on the go using a phone. 

  • SMS and Email Updates: Timely SMS and email updates enable you to keep customers updated on the progress of their work. This feature also allows customers to ask for clarifications on various issues such as payment and why an automobile service has taken longer than it should. 
  • Online Payment: Mobile Tech RX enables customers to process payments via credit card payments. As such, it makes the process more convenient. 
  • Manage Service Catalog: This feature enables you to keep an eye on all your services, including the upcoming, pending, and work on progress so that you only accept customer appointments based on your availability. 
  • Customer Relationship Management: This software has a CRM feature that compiles customer data across different channels. You can use this data to determine what quality of services your customer expects and how you can provide it to them. 


Mobile Tech RX focuses primarily on automotive reconditioning inside brick and mortar facilities. Its narrow focus limits its functionality for other service segments. The software also has limited features designed to solve the problems of route optimization, geographic scheduling, or customer coordination that are specific to field service. 

5. TimeTap 

TimeTap is an onsite appointment scheduling software for independent professionals and small and medium-sized businesses. This software helps eliminate missed calls and no-shows by enabling customers to book and manage their appointments online. 

  • SMS and Email Updates: TimeTap's SMS and email updates  platform offers a preset number of automated, outbound texts. This helps keep your customers in the loop, like whether there are any delays, and when they need to make payments. 
  • Online Payment: TimeTap's online payment feature eases your customers' lives by enabling them to make payments from wherever they are. They don’t need to check or swipe their credit cards.
  • Monitor availability: By using the TimeTap scheduler, you'll be able to monitor your availability such that customers only make appointments when you are free to serve them. 
  • Customer Relationship Management: TimeTap allows you to store client information on their profile so that you won't have to ask for their information every time they seek your services. 


TimeTap currently does not offer an online mobile service self-scheduler for customers, route optimization with turn-by-turn directions for technicians, or a technician app with service and quote management tools. 

Choose the right field service software for customer engagement 

A seamless customer experience matters for field service businesses from first contact to the completion of the job. Not every onsite service software will work for your business or customers. To narrow it down, consider a mobile-first software that emphasizes self-service. In the end, this will help you reduce busy work and improve operational efficiency to empower your customers and technicians alike.

About Zippity

Zippity was built exclusively to take the pain of on-the-go customer interactions, complicated scheduling, and unpredictable onsite service processes to establish your business and bring in more confident prospects.  

Schedule a demo with one of our experts today to learn more about Zippity's modern approach to customer engagement in field services.

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