Top Six Mobile Service Business Ideas in 2022

Why these six mobile service business ideas are in high demand and how much it takes to get started

In the past few years, everyone has spent more time at home. Because of this, customers are also spending more on convenient mobile service options. During the pandemic, many customers tried mobile services for the first time, and have continued enjoying the convenience of having traditional services come to them. 

With customers wanting more mobile service options, now is the time to take your business on the road. Without the expense of rental space or sinking tens of thousands of dollars into startup costs, as an owner-operator, you can enjoy a flexible schedule that works with your lifestyle - not against it. Social media and smartphone apps make it easier than ever to reach your target customers. 

If you’re interested in starting a mobile service company, we’ve mapped out the top six mobile service business ideas in demand and what you need to get started.

Top Mobile Service Business Ideas in 2022

1. Mobile Dog Groomers

Since March 2020, nearly 1 in 5 American households have brought a four-legged friend into their homes. Now that pet owners are returning to their offices and going out more, it’s hard for them to keep their pet grooming appointments. As a mobile dog groomer, you can help customers and their furry friends in the field. 

With the mobile dog grooming service market expected to reach over 3 million USD by 2026, mobile dog grooming is one of the most in-demand services. And it’s no wonder - the safety and well-being of dogs are the top priority for every owner. 

Mobile dog grooming offers peace of mind for the safety and well-being of customers’ companions by keeping them in their familiar surroundings. If you’re interested in starting a mobile dog grooming business, here’s a list of must-haves to get started. 

Common Equipment & Supplies

  • Van or trailer to house your equipment & groom in
  • Flexible mobile app for easy customer self-scheduling, customer management, and automatic review request options to help build your business
  • Clippers & blades
  • Shears
  • Shampoo & conditioner
  • Nail trimmers
  • Dog restraints and safety harnesses for various sizes and levels of activity
  • Personal safety equipment



  • You’ll need hands-on experience with pets to learn how to read an animal’s body language. 
  • Since you’ll be working alone, you’ll need to have the strength to move and handle dogs of various sizes. 

2. Mobile Bike Repair

Bike riding has always been popular, but the recent surge in bike purchases has made the mobile bike repair service trend a well-paying business idea. Do you know a thing or two about bike repairs? Since most cars are too small to fit adult-sized bikes, customers may dread having to disassemble their bike and bring it into the shop. 

As a mobile bike technician, you can offer an on-site service that lets clients get repairs done with minimal hassle on their end. If you’re interested in exploring or building your mobile bike repair business, connect with others in the Independent Mobile Bicycle Professionals group.

Common Equipment & Supplies

  • Van or Truck
  • Mobile app for easy bookings and service updates as you diagnose the bike
  • Workbench/Table
  • Allen wrenches
  • Socket wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Vise whip
  • Pliers
  • Wire cutters 
  • Spare parts for commonly busted parts
  • Tire repair patches and equipment


  • No license needed 


  • You should have some experience with bike repairs and understand how bikes work.  Consider asking a local bike shop if you can work under them to learn about bike repair. 


3. Mobile Cell phone Repair

People use their phones for everything. Things like searching for directions, sending emails, or finding the nearest coffee shop are all right at your fingertips. With all the use we get from mobile devices, a broken phone or cracked screen can ruin the day for many. 

This mobile service business idea will set you apart from traditional stores because customers don’t have to wait in line to get their precious devices fixed. Whether it’s a cracked screen, a soggy device that took a swim, or another smartphone glitch, if you have some mobile phone know-how, you can become your neighborhood’s tech repair superhero.

Common Equipment & Supplies

  • Service vehicle for travel and option to use as a workshop
  • Smartphone repair toolkits like tweezers, soldering iron, precision screwdrivers, solder wire, de-soldering pump, and wick.
  • Replacement parts for common hardware issues like:
    • Screen repair
    • Battery replacement
    • Camera replacement
    • Charging and headphone port diagnostics
    • Buttons
  • Mobile service app with fast scheduling and communications to put your panicked cellphone customers at ease.



  • Background in diagnosing cellphone software/hardware problems
  • Fixing/repairing cracked screens
  • Repairing water-damaged cell phones 


4. Mobile Computer Repair

With the uptick in remote work, most employees in need of IT support can’t get it as quickly as they could before. Computer issues that happen working from home kill productivity and are a nightmare for deadlines. Offering mobile computer repair delivers on-demand tech services to remote workers, gamers, and anyone who needs time-sensitive tech support. Like mobile cell phone repair, mobile computer repair demand is increasing with customers looking for convenient, on-site service. 

Although this mobile service business idea requires some technical skills, if you know your way around computer hardware and software diagnostics, you’ll easily build a loyal customer base. 

Common Equipment & Supplies

  • Service vehicle for travel and option to use as a workshop
  • Computer repair kit like screwdrivers, utility knife, pliers, LCD suction cup, tweezers, adapter, connectors, flexible shaft, anti-static strap.
  • Common computer hardware replacement parts
  • A mobile app that cuts travel time between appointments by grouping appointments by proximity.


  • No federal repair licensing, but states vary in requirements.


  • While not necessary, some computer repair technicians hold an associate's or bachelor's degree. 
  • Others choose to learn technical skills by studying computers, hardware, and networks. 


5. Mobile Massage

Instead of relying on a company or spa to manage your schedule and keep a percentage of your bookings, take control of your massage services and go mobile. With 56% of massage therapists providing services at clients’ homes and workplaces, this well-established mobile service business idea is an opportunity for you to become an owner-operator of your own massage therapy business on your own time. 

Depending on the types of massages you want to offer, you can even partner with corporate businesses to provide monthly massage treatments to their employees. 

Common Equipment & Supplies

  • Service vehicle for travel that can fit equipment
  • Mobile service app with easy online customer self-scheduling and automatic appointment groupings to make the most of your book
  • Mobile massage chair/table 
  • Massage table carrying case
  • Oils, creams, lotions
  • Towels (for draping)
  • Incense, candles
  • Noise machine or mobile app for music 


  • Pass the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam (MBLEX), regulated by the Federation of State Message Therapy Boards.
  • Licenses and certifications vary by state, but massage therapy typically requires a minimum number of hours and a diploma from an accredited massage therapy program. 


  • Hands-on experience at an accredited massage therapy school. 


6. Mobile Barbershop

Mobile barbershops fill the need for convenient grooming services in any location. You can offer at-home haircuts to customers too busy to make it to a traditional shop or target weddings and large events to make an occasion out of the service. Customers will appreciate the personal touch of your business and enjoy a haircut in the comfort of their homes. 

Common Equipment & Supplies

  • Custom van, bus, or large vehicle equipped with electricity 
  • Optional waterlines in vehicles based on service needs
  • Seating that allows for 360-degree access to the client’s hair
  • Mirrors
  • Clippers and guards, shears 
  • Styling tools and products
  • Sanitization products
  • Optional portable sink based on service offerings
  • Mobile service app that opens your books up to more clients by grouping appointments that are close together for shorter drive times.


  • Specific requirements vary between states, but most barbers will need to complete a program in barbering, apply for a barber’s license, and take a written and practical barber exam. 


  • GED/ High school diploma


The Best Mobile App for Your Mobile Service Business Ideas 

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Whether you’re a mobile bike repair owner wanting to get more time out of their day, or a massage therapist looking to take control of your client list and schedule, Zippity makes it easy to save time, get organized, and watch your business grow.

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