Why mobile tire businesses need to modernize their technology

Discover the mobile tire business service features you need in your next operating system for a more efficient organization and effective technician team.

Mobile tire service can be tricky to provide to customers with outdated, cobbled-together tools. After all, managing scheduling, mobile service vehicles, tools, tire inventory, and technicians is a lot to do by yourself. By relying on manual management and low-functioning systems, your customer service quality can begin falling through the cracks, limiting healthy customer retention and revenue growth.

If you want to please your customers and grow your mobile tire service business, you’ll need a robust operating system that provides an easy, digital customer experience. Why? 

Your customers are expecting accurate purchases, convenience, and of course, excellent service. At the same time, your service technicians need to meet all types of tire service demands in various locations and conditions. And your office managers have the difficult job of coordinating appointments and technicians at the same time.

To provide your technicians with enough time to complete tire services, your business will need to book appointments within close proximity to one another. However, when you have many incoming appointment requests and poor schedule visibility, it can be difficult to schedule all appointments of the same service area together. The problem is that, by not doing this, you can cause your service routes to be inefficient and too long.

So how can your operating system improve your business’s performance while meeting these unique mobile service challenges? Top-priority features will largely depend on the state of your current business and where its weaknesses lie. But how do you know what to look for in a mobile service operating system? What features are the most important?

Whether you’re trying to establish a reliable mobile service payment system or want to reduce time-intensive manual tasks, there are some features your operating system should include for you to maximize your success. 

Let’s run through the three top features you need so you know what to look for when exploring your options.

1. Painless tire purchasing

Shopping for new tires can be confusing for the average consumer, and many want to get through the process as quickly as possible. Your customer base will often go online to search for the right tires for their vehicle, compare prices and even purchase tires before stepping foot in a service center. Because your customers can easily do this online, it’s essential to show them that your business can provide an easy and convenient way to purchase tires and have them installed. 

To set your mobile service business up for success with software, your operating system needs a customer booking app that makes it easy for people to search for and purchase the correct tires for their vehicles.

Easy tire size selection

A tire size selection feature can help your customers save time and avoid frustration while making purchases. Your integrated customer booking app should include a license plate lookup feature. With it, customers can enter their license plate number to access all available tire sizes for their specific vehicle.  

A simple purchasing journey ensures that customers relying on your services will feel confident that your established business can direct them to an educated online purchase.

A familiar shopping experience

Check that your mobile service operating system also enables integrations with tire distributors. With this feature, you gain access to up-to-date, local and nationwide inventory within an intuitive e-commerce marketplace. If housed within your operating system, you can use license plate lookup to pull up tire inventory that will work for your customers' specific vehicles. You get visibility into the best and nearest inventory deals, so you can reduce shipping costs and choose high-value distributors.

Real-time tire purchase notifications 

Operating systems can also offer professionals time-saving notifications once a customer has chosen their tire purchase. Whether you’re a single operator or within a large enterprise, these instant notifications ensure you can quickly purchase the right tire from your preferred distributor at the best price.

Not only does this speed up the entire tire ordering process, which may be necessary if you’re struggling with large order volumes, but it also helps create better customer experiences. This way, a team member will always get back to customers quickly, so they don’t cancel their appointment or look elsewhere for service.

2. An efficient scheduling system that optimizes service routes

To make your mobile service efficient, you’ll need a system that streamlines your day-to-day operations. Key to this is advanced scheduling software that increases your schedule’s efficiency while making it easy for your customers to book an appointment. 

Effortless customer scheduling

Without one, your staff will likely become tied to their phones with little control over their work hours as they are inundated with appointment requests. They may even struggle to answer customer questions with poor schedule visibility and service information. This results in inaccurate and double-booked appointments or services that are too far away from one another, frustrating your technicians and your customers.

Your operating system should include easy, online self-scheduling for your customers to prevent this from happening. By using an operating system that adds a scheduling portal directly on your website, you’ll allow customers to access available time slots, upfront pricing, and services based on their specific vehicle, thanks to the system’s license plate lookup feature.

Not to mention, in the case of appointment changes, customers can re-access their scheduling portal to modify or cancel their appointment without inconveniencing themselves or your team.

Full schedule control

Your operating system should prevent any chance of double booking or other scheduling conflicts by allowing you to have control of your schedule. To make sure your operating system meets all your mobile tire service needs, check that it will enable you to adjust the following when setting scheduling criteria:

  • The number and type of service vehicles available
  • Geographic service areas
  • Drive times between appointments
  • Your business’s service offerings

By having these admin settings, your operating systems will only show customers available times that work with your schedule and service vehicles. This way, you’ll be able to easily change your online scheduling system to fit your needs, while ensuring that your business can fulfill every appointment. 

Maximized tire services

Another common challenge of mobile service is that it’s easy to book customers that are far away from one another. Long service routes result in technicians spending most of their day driving and not making money for your business on the job. So how can you shorten your service routes and optimize appointment coordination so you can book more customers?

Choose a mobile service operating system with a scheduling solution you can add drive time and service area limits to. This fixes potential scheduling problems because your system will optimize service routes and maximize bookings with your guided input. By helping your technicians stop driving long routes between services, you’ll increase the number of successful tire installations and services your company performs every day. This will, in turn, help you unlock efficiency, profitability, and growth.

An additional over-the-phone appointment scheduler

While your business should mainly rely on easy online scheduling to streamline appointment coordination, some customers may still want to schedule their appointments over the phone.

For this reason, your operating system should still contain an over-the-phone scheduler that offers schedule visibility with suggestions on efficient scheduling days based on location. To help phone operators book appointments quickly, this additional scheduler should show them the information they need to collect with intuitive sheets that store and organize customer data directly into a database. It should also include an over-the-phone quote builder to help phone operators provide instant service estimates, thus increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

3. A strong customer relationship management system

Though customers often want their tires conveniently installed and serviced at their home with little contact, this doesn’t mean customer service should go out the window.

Modern instant communication

If you’re finding your mobile business’s customer service to be lacking, know that it doesn't have to be. In fact, with the right operating system, mobile service can outdo in-person stores’ customer service because technicians are meeting their customers where they are. Technicians no longer have to multitask between services, administrative tasks, and communicating with different customers as they would at an autoshop.

Knowing this, a mobile service operating system that doesn’t include instant communication features is a mistake for any modern business. After all, whether your technicians are providing a mobile tire service at a home or business, the customer still wants to know they are receiving high-quality service. 

Sending customers specific arrival times and providing them communication channels with your team is essential for customer satisfaction. To promote this, look for a system that has both automated notification and integrated texting options. 

The notification system can increase your tire service’s convenience because customers will no longer have to wait for their technician with a broad arrival estimate. Instead, instant notifications will tell them their technician’s exact current location and arrival time.

Meanwhile, allowing customers to text multiple admin users and technicians on the same thread maintains a personal touch to your services and creates transparency for all parties. Customers can ask questions and gain a full understanding of the tire services their car needs. By offering more availability and information to customers, your team will receive better reviews and strengthen long-term customer relationships. This, in turn, allows your business to increase incoming revenue, happy customers, and beneficial referrals.

Transparent mobile tire service results

Once service is complete, your business will need a method to communicate tire service results or finished tire installations to customers. The best way to offer this is through clean service reports highlighting important details or further needed services.

By choosing an operating system that can create and email customer-facing service reports based on technician-entered data, you’re making the lives of your technicians easier while informing your customers.

Your system should also include additional work authorization options within the customer emails. By having all service data relayed in a professional but simplified customer report in minutes, your customers can see evidence of why they should choose additional service. Whether out of necessity or as a benefit to their car, they can quickly accept them online. Meanwhile, you get the convenience of not having to create these reports from scratch with manual data entry.

Revolutionize the way you offer tire servicing with Zippity

No matter the state of the pandemic in the future, mobile service is here to stay thanks to its convenience to customers. Whether your business is already mobile or still considering it, you can upgrade the way you offer mobile tire installations and maintenance services with Zippity. 

Zippity’s all-in-one operating system holds a point-of-sale CRM system, a geo-optimized scheduling system, and a shop management solution, all of which can be customized for mobile tire businesses. The customer booking app offers instant tire purchase notifications and a license plate lookup feature that directs customers to the correct tires for their vehicle—enabling you to expedite tire purchases at the best price. 

You gain every feature you need, instant communication, digital service reports, online billing, an integrated technician app, and more. So you can deliver a modern, digital service experience to happier customers and increase retention and profitability in the process. 

To learn more about this feature-rich operating system, click here to download our one pager on how Zippity can help you grow your mobile tire service business.

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