Solve Your Drive Time Problem With ZipSmart Scheduling

Powerful booking management with transparent drive time impact previews.

As a busy pro-on-the-go, you know the pain of excess driving. When appointments are scheduled far away it can ruin a day. But getting every appointment scheduled close together is complicated and difficult to do on-the-go. 

That's the problem Zippity has solved with our latest product release: ZipSmart Scheduling. With it, you can preview how new appointments impact your drive time and fit more customers into your day with easy calendar control - all from the mobile app!

Preview the Best Appointment Slots to Minimize Drive Time

Easily pick appointment spots that minimize your daily drive times. ZipSmart Scheduling does the math to geographically optimize your schedule so you don't have to.

Mobile service doesn't have to mean frantic service. Focus on booking more customers in your day without wasting hours fighting calendar chaos. ZipSmart Scheduling automatically factors in both service time and drive time. Stay on top of your day while ensuring you are punctual for each service appointment. 

Preview appointments by simply dragging and dropping them into your schedule. When placing your appointment during an available time, ZipSmart Scheduling alerts you to the total drive time added to your day with easy color coding indicators: 

🟢 Green: Less than 20 minutes

🟡 Yellow: 20 to 50 minutes

🔴 Red: More than 50 Minutes added


Customer Route and Schedule Alerts to Keep You on Track

Zippity knows that each business has unique scheduling requirements. With ZipSmart Scheduling, you can customize your schedule preferences to best suit your business. When an appointment doesn’t fit into your existing schedule, configured business hours, or is outside your preferred driving radius, Zippity will alert you. 

These automatic reminders make it easy to stay on top of your schedule and keep you in the loop when placed appointments fall outside of your unique scheduling preferences. 



Complete Calendar Visibility with Powerful Self-Scheduling for Easy Customer Satisfaction

Give your customers the convenience of self-scheduling their appointments without causing calendar chaos. ZipSmart Scheduling custom rules automatically manage your available service times and ensure that customers are unable to book outside of your scheduling preferences. Enjoy happier customers with fewer scheduling headaches.

See the Whole Picture When Browsing Your Full Schedule

Every mobile service pro has different preferences when it comes to how your schedules should appear. While some prefer to take it one day at a time, others like to see how their full week lines up, and many like having all of these options to toggle between. 

When it comes to managing your calendar, ZipSmart Scheduling makes it easy to view your full schedule and scroll to future dates. With the ability to pick between a 1, 4, or 7 day view, you can see what appointments are coming up, in the view that works best for you. And of course, ZipSmart Scheduling technology features will be visible when looking at your calendar using any of the 3 views. 



Unlock a Better Customer Experience with ZipSmart Scheduling

Route coordination features don’t just make it simpler to manage your books. ZipSmart Scheduling helps you deliver the best customer experience for every appointment. 

Things happen, and we’re all human - but no customer wants to deal with frequent appointment cancellations or reschedules due to drive time conflicts. Changing a client's schedule can be disruptive, but losing a client’s trust due to repeat cancellations is more dangerous. By decreasing the number of appointment changes and harnessing the ZipSmart Scheduling drive time parameters, your customers will feel more confident about your reliability. 

Zippity was built specifically with home and mobile service pros who perform quick, same-day services in mind. Designed to easily run your entire business from your phone, Zippity handles all of the back-end pieces of your business, just the way you want. 

Learn more about Zippity’s powerful scheduling, communication, and payment features. See Zippity in action on our free demo site today.

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