mobile customer repair software

Mobile computer repair software built for your fast-paced business

Get the flexibility you need to run your entire mobile computer repair business from one app, without all the annoying admin work.

“Before I started using Zippity, I struggled with booking appointments when I was out in the field. The tech app from Zippity lets me do that. I don’t have to wait to book appointments until I’m back at my laptop.”


- Lalo Contreras

“Once I started using Zippity, it was night and day. I mean, seriously. It saves so much time. By letting the customers schedule themselves, they can book their services on their own and save us a lot of admin work in the long run.”


- Bobby Olup

“Before Zippity, one thing that was still taking too much time was collecting payments from customers and having to track them down. Zippity’s payment collection feature is a great time-saver in this function.”


- Ben Lazar

Customers self-service within the scheduling and payment rules you set.

man looking at phone scheduling application

Schedule more appointments in a day

Automatically group your appointments together so you have plenty of time to drive between each one.

At the same time, your customers can schedule or reschedule their own appointments, see past appointment history, update payment information, and more.

man looking at phone scheduling application
people working on upsells

Get more upsells approvals

Get faster upsell responses from customers with Zippity’s online approval tool. Customers can approve additional repair services from their phones, while you get notified instantly.

communicate with teammates

Keep your customers in the loop

Keep owners up-to-date by sending automated texts and emails to customers at every key step of the grooming service.

communicate with teammates
zippity square integrations

Make payments a breeze

Zippity’s Square integration lets customers enter their credit card online ahead of time, but doesn't charge them until service is complete. This makes it easier for you to adjust the final invoice throughout the appointment based on upsells. And gives you the freedom to collect payments instantly after each service, without chasing down each customer.

organize online bookings

Get organized. Amaze customers.

Build trust with every customer by staying on top of their appointment history and information. From taking appointments over the phone or even offering add-on services, you’ll have everything you need to stay on track.

organize online bookings
generate more reviews

Generate more 5-star reviews

Get more 5-star reviews with automatic review requests for your favorite review sites.

The 24/7 assistant in your pocket

Online upsell approvals, pre-canned text messages, and turn-by-turn directions make your life easier so you can deliver amazing service and stand out from your competitors.