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Seamlessly connect your tire & mobile service operations

While offering mobile tire services enables you to stay competitive against big brand names, it requires a strong operating system to manage customer purchases and services. Your operating system needs to facilitate accurate tire selection for your customers while allowing you to coordinate tire purchases with distributors and services with technicians. This can be achieved with a mobile service system that integrates features essential for tire purchases, like license-plate lookup and an e-commerce tire shopping experience. Enable your customers to easily make the right tire purchase on your site, which you can then source and install for them in record time.


Accelerate customer tire selection & purchases

Allow your customers to purchase the right tire for their vehicle directly from your website. Eliminate order mistakes with a booking app that uses license plate lookup to automatically show customers available tires and sizes for their specific vehicle. Streamline the process even more by receiving tire purchase notifications, so you can quickly confirm and follow up with customers. Zippity then enables you to integrate American tire distributor (ATD) catalogs to gain an easy e-commerce shopping experience with access to local and nationwide inventory. With this feature, you can buy the tires from your preferred distributor, at the best price.

Create a new mobile service experience

Provide your customers expert onsite tire installations and mobile maintenance such as tire rotation, balancing and more. Maximize your calendar with online customer self-scheduling that automatically coordinates appointments together based on their service area and drive time limits. Access your customers’ current and selected tire information before appointments to assemble the tools and tires you’ll need to complete each service. Meanwhile, customers get full transparency with the ability to track their appointment status with automated updates, ask your team questions with an instant communication platform and view professional reports summarizing their service. All to help you increase client satisfaction and raise customer retention.



Built by—and for—automotive mobile service professionals to serve companies like yours.



Leverage seamless data imports, an intuitive user interface and easy implementation.



Break away from the competition with the most advanced mobile service operating system in the industry.



Optimize scheduling, increase customer satisfaction and achieve rapid business growth.


Built for mobile tire

Revolutionize your business with a point-of-sale product, CRM system, and shop management solution—all seamlessly integrated within one operating system and customized for your mobile service. Gain an online customer self-scheduler that reduces busy work and routes bookings geographically so your techs spend more time on the job and less time leaving revenue on the road. With Zippity, you can optimize your schedule and increase your operational efficiency to drive more profits. And we know you’ll love it.

Grow your business with software that has been used to deliver over 20,000 mobile services

Grow your tire  business

Adding a service vehicle to your fleet? Offer industry-leading mobile tire services right away with zipkit, the only package you need to convert any van into a powerful mobile service unit.

Our custom vehicle outfitting kit includes:

  • Lifting systems for brake, tire and suspension repairs
  • Custom oil distribution and storage tanks
  • Inventory and part storage
  • Tools to support vehicle maintenance, diagnostics and recalls
  • Wifi connectivity and GPS tracking
Ready to go mobile

Ready to Go Mobile?

Contact our team to learn more about how our mobile service dispatch software and custom-made vehicle design can enable you to deliver effortless mobile service. Choose Zippity today to drive your business to new heights.