You don’t need a back office to run an awesome field service business 

Empower your customers and technicians with self-service tools and simplify your operations with one solution.

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The only customer engagement platform built for onsite services

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Revolutionary Self-scheduling

Give your customers complete control to schedule their services, while automatically booking new appointments near existing ones.

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Two-way texting

Allow customers to connect with technicians and admins throughout each service, all in the same thread.

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Live GPS tracking

Keep customers in the loop with real-time technician location tracking before and during each appointment.

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Online payments & invoicing

Send intuitive, automatically updating invoices directly to customers and allow them to pay online with one click.

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Digital upsells

Make it easy for customers to approve additional services with reports that are automatically created from your inspections and photos.

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Automated reviews

After you amaze customers, let them rave about your services with automated feedback requests and automatically show them off on your favorite ratings websites.

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Online customer engagement scheduling feature

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A booking system you can trust to tame your hectic schedule

Let your customers self-schedule services that fit your calendar by leveraging the only software that automatically groups new appointments with existing ones, in the same neighborhood. The result? Your customers have more control, your technicians drive less, and you get more business, while saving time.


Upfront communication from the field

Bring total service transparency to your customers and make sure that nothing gets lost in translation between them and your team. Keep your customers informed with group texting between technicians and admins, all on the same thread, before, during, and after each service.

Smart phone with online customer engagement scheduling system.
Customer engagement software that shows live technician GPS tracking.

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The visibility customers expect

Leverage live GPS tracking, built just for onsite services. Give your customers the same transparency as rideshare apps and meal service deliveries, while you gain full insight into your appointments.

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Never chase payments again

Generate professional online invoices in minutes, receive and payments every time. Your customers get easy, secure payment methods, and submit payment information when booking appointments, so your technicians don’t have to chase them down at the end of each service.

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Generating 5-star reviews has never been easier

Empower your customers to rave about your services at the end of their appointment with automated review generation. Watch your collection of 5-star reviews go through the roof and marvel at the new business that comes in because of your boosted credibility.


Three Applications, One System


Customer self-service

Give customers a transparent and simple experience with Zippity's onsite service software. Features like self-scheduling, upfront pricing and digital payment provide streamlined communication with every tap on a smartphone.

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Admin Portal

Manage your service business from one place. Optimize routes by location, access customer information, and automate review requests to clear up your schedule and reduce busywork.


Mobile Technician App

Empower your technicians with streamlined work-authorizations, pre-canned responses and turn-by turn directions to deliver amazing service and represent your business with confidence.

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Make powerful onsite service a reality

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